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Public Schools in warm Southern Provinces of Korea for Mar 1 or Apr 1, 2014

Jeju ESL Consulting
Job Description

Public Schools in warm Southern Provinces of Korea for Mar 1 or Apr 1, 2014

:Yangsan,Gimhae,Changwon,Masan,Jinju,Geojae,Changnyeong,Namhae,Hadong,G eochang,Hapcheon Provinces(a number of positions) in/ near Busan

: Around 40~60 numbers of Elementary & Middle Public school Positions – You will see which area and which school exactly you are applying from the beginning.

: Get 0.1~0.25M more salary/allowances

Gyeongsangnam-do is a province in the southeast of South Korea. It contains the major metropolitan center and port of Busan. Located there is UNESCO World Heritage Site Haeinsa, a Buddhist temple that houses the Tripitaka Koreana and attracts many tourists.

Links on Gyeongsangnam-do

Video for Gyoungsangnam-do:


Providing stability, transparency and opportunity in a professional environment operated by the provincial government, these government-sponsored positions at provincially-run public schools require teaching only 22 classes per week (1 class is 40 minutes for elementary; 45minutes for middle and 50 minutes for high school), giving you the time available to make your adventure exciting and positive. Additionally, each ESL teacher in the province has Korean co-teachers to help with administrative processes and classroom management.


- Salary 2.1-2.75 Million KRW (based on EPIK pay scale )

- 300,000 won one-time settlement allowance

- Travel Stipends of 2.6 Million KRW

- Rent-free single apartment

- 3 weeks paid vacation and all national holidays

- Provincial allowance : 100,000KRW/Month

- Multiple school allowance: 100,000~150,000KRW/Month

- Medical contributions

- Pension contributions

- Severance payment (equivalent to one month's salary)

- 7 days special leave allowance

- 11days Sick Leaves

- 1 week additional paid vacation if you re-sign your contract after the

first year

- District coordinators, as determined by the POE, will be entitled to an additional allowance of 200,000 Korean Won (KRW) per month. Coordinators at POE will be entitled to additional allowance of 300,000 Korean Won.






Links on Changwon/Masan


Successful applicants should have a Clean Nationwide Criminal check notarized with an apostille with Notarized/Apostilled a copy of diploma soon and MUST have native level English proficiency (born in an English speaking country like Canada, USA, England, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia) and have a 4-year University degree.

If the applicant does not have any teaching experience or teaching credentials or related diploma(like English or Education or Linguistic) , then he/she must complete at least 20 hour in-class component of the 100 hour requirement.

NOTE: Anyone out of Korea who applies for this position will need to get the followings.

*Nationwide criminal background check notarized with an apostille, (Canadian: Notarized Criminal check by Korean consulate )

*Apostilled copy of your university degree, (Canadian: Notarized a copy of diploma by Korean consulate )

*Valid passport with at least 6 months availability

*2 original signed reference letters from a former employer, Supervisor ,Team leader , manager or professor

*1 sealed university transcript


Email resume, photo to

Please mention the earliest start date, situation of documents preparation(NOTE as above) If possible !!


Pilsun Jung(Director)

E-mail: &

Skype ID : jps4591

J.E. Consulting (Website: &

Tel: 82-064-900-4591 ( In Korea)

Cell: 82-010-4579-4591 (In Korea)

Fax: 0303-3442-4591

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