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Apply to YBM schools Absolutely Prime Gangnam Seoul

YBM Education Head Office
Job Description

Apply to YBM schools Absolutely Prime Gangnam Seoul

**2.5-2.7 Mil** + Housing, Non-Split Schedules, Pension tax compliance, & Medical. Established Curriculum -100% fully GUARANTEED by YBM Head Office

YBM Education: Korea's Largest and Most Reputable English language institute since 1961.

The YBM Corporation was established in 1961. Today, it is a household name in South Korea with revenues exceeding 400 million dollars a year. The YBM Corporation now has many departments in different fields relating to second language education, publishing, CNN cafes, and test administrating. YBM is the official TOEIC exam administrator in Korea for over two million people per year.

Benefits Only YBM Guarantees:

- Positions in only prime, popular, and highly desired areas. (Near the subway station)

- Knowing specific details, location, and information about the position being offered

- Housing usually walking distance to the school.

- A 100% guaranteed contract backed by the YBM Corporation that is more reliable than public schools

- All salaries comply with Korean Medical Insurance, Korean Pension tax compliance, severance pay, and 100% contract guarantee that YBM is known for.

YBM company owned school instructors receive the following benefits:

- Salary Range: 2.1-2.7 Million Won

- Smaller classes than public schools (4-20 students)

- Students who speak and comprehend English up to advanced levels

- Get specific information and position location before signing the contract

- Work among other foreign teachers. Our schools have between 4 - 12 English teachers per location.

- Fully developed curriculum that is constantly being updated by the R&D team at the Head Office.

- Rent free housing or 400,000-450,000 won housing allowance

YBM Pine Division: Visit the following website to check out the school locations at View the positions by scrolling down to see detailed information about our schools.

YBM Gate Branches: (

Position #1 (Gangnam, Seoul)

Daechi Gate (Between Yeoksam and Hanti Station (Line 2 &Bundang Line)) This academy is located in one of the richest districts in Korea. With Dogok Park just a couple of minutes away by foot and the mega night life of Gangnam just a short 15-20 minute bus ride away, this academy is in a prime location for teachers. Daechi is the best district to work in to further one's experience as a teacher as it is known for its exceptional teachers and competitive pay.

Position #2 (Gangnam, Seoul)

Apgujeong Gate (8 min walk from Apgujeong Station (Line 3)) Apgujeong Gate is in the same building as our Apgujeong 2 PSA location in one of the most affluent districts in Seoul. It is also near the Hyundai Shopping Mall where a person can find all the amenities of a mall back home. The position is just a couple of minutes from Garosu Street where there are trendy stores, cafes, and eateries. It is also the closest station south of the HanGang River where many people spend their leisure time picnicking, strolling along the paths, exercising, or just simply relaxing.

Homeroom Teacher Qualifications:

- An applicant must have one of the following Majors:

1. Education Major

2. English Major

3. Certificate / License to teach at your public school in your home country

4. Linguistics

________________________________________________________ ___________________

YBM AppleTree Branches: (

* No experience necessary!

** Teaching young children

Position #3 (Gangnam, Seoul)

Gaepo AppleTree (5 min walk from GuLyong Station (Bundang Line)) Situated in one our company owned campuses (KIS Building), this position provides the convenience of many YBM staff members as well as a park surrounding the campus. There is also a stream that is a walking distance from the school. This position is located in one of the most affluent areas of Korea and just a few subway stops away from Gangnam Station, the Mecca of Korea nightlife.

_________________________________________________________ __________________

Once an applicant has submitted their initial application, applicants will be updated on the next step to discuss the details of the positions with the HR Manager.

Applicants who are currently in Korea will be able to visit our schools and meet with the staff and manager.

Teachers with teaching experience in Korea should obtain employment verification letters from their previous employer to qualify for the higher salaries that each YBM PINE school offers.


*Must be a Native English speaker from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland.

*A Bachelors Degree (minimum)

*Qualify for the E-2 visa

If you are interested in any of our YBM company owned schools, please email the following documents to the YBM HR Manager Danny Kim at

1. Updated Resume

2. Current photo

3. Indicate the months you are available to teach

4. State the locations you are most interested in by the order of your preference

5. Email over any E2 visa documents / E2 visa transfer / D10 visa holders

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