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Make Friends With Feelings

Job Description

Make Friends With Feelings

Special Education (Teachers / Director / Performing Arts / Graphics / Ballet / Music Therapy Teachers / Interns)
Teaching children a feelings vocabulary at an early age is as important as teaching them to read, write and do math. Our programs supplement school education and introduce children to a feelings language that prepares them emotionally for life. We work with children on topics not covered at school, within the field of sentiments & feelings. Location: Chandigarh, India. We offer training, independent accommodation, monthly salary, medical, etc. Our website:

Kindly email your interest to: sanjeev (at) dextrys (dot) com

Job Prerequisites
We are looking for women educators who possess:
        An open mind receptive to functional needs of a business model that proposes new / alternative methods of teaching
        A strong, purposeful awareness of the needs and demands of parents and the confidence to communicate freely and positively with them
        An outgoing and fun-loving personality with leadership and team-play strengths

Certification not required. Professional teaching experience preferred

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