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Teach Abroad - Public School English Teaching Jobs in Korea

Teach Away Inc.
Job Description

Teach Abroad - Public School English Teaching Jobs in Korea

Teach abroad in Korea! Teach Away is now hiring for public school English teaching positions throughout the country of South Korea.

South Korea is both technologically advanced and culturally rich, and offers a wealth of opportunity to those seeking international teaching experience within a structured, public school environment. Teachers hired for these opportunities will be able to teach abroad under the direction of the Korean Ministry of Education. With this direction, teachers will work alongside local Korean teachers in the classroom with the goal of improving English education for students from the primary through to secondary levels.

Placements are available in cities as well as in more rural areas. Cities offer many of the conveniences expected in metropolitan regions, but those seeking a more authentic Korean experience will be able to do so in serene countryside placements. Rural opportunities offer the advantage of higher monthly salaries and a settling allowance upon arrival. Here, teachers will also be able to learn more of the Korean language, customs and culture in a more immersive way.

Candidates for these opportunities should possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, in addition to one of the following requirements:

-100-hour TESL/TEFL certificate,

-Teaching license,

-1 year of full-time teaching experience,

-Master's degree, or

-English major

Applicants must demonstrate flexibility, a willingness to take on new challenges, and a drive to change English education in Korea.


Job Location: Various Korea

Start Date: February 2014

Subjects: English;ESL

Monthly Salary: 2.0-2.5 million KRW (approximately $1,900-$2,400 USD)

Airport Pickup: Provided

Contract Duration: 1 year

Housing: Provided

Airfare: Full

Vacation: 18 vacation days; all national holidays


Required Level of Education: Bachelors

Teacher Category: University Graduate;TEFL Instructor;Licensed Teacher

Teach Abroad in Korea

About Teach Away Inc.

As a global leader in teacher recruitment (, Teach Away Inc. offers the widest range of international teaching jobs abroad ( and educational administration jobs. Every year, thousands of teachers explore the world by teaching English abroad ( Teach Away's international programs. Teach Away"s services are free for teachers.

Are you TEFL Certified?

For teaching jobs that require TEFL certification (, Teach Away recommends TEFL Online (, a TEFL course ( developed by the University of Toronto.

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Teach Away provides teachers with access to an extensive network of international teaching jobs ( at public schools, Ministries of Education, international and private schools, businesses, adult learning centres, and private language schools.

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