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English Teacher

One2One Englisht Institute
Job Description

English Teacher

One:One is, first and foremost, a social enterprise that believes that empowering people through language and intercultural exchange is critical to building a more prosperous future for all members of our global society. We are a language learning institute that believes English –what has become the world’s second language– is a platform for dialogue, for reconciliation, and for addressing the common challenges that we all share. We believe English should be a language that brings people together,it should not be a barrier that separates them. We are dedicated to providing top-quality, well-rounded, meaningful experiences for both our students and our teachers, in an effort to develop knowledgable individuals equipped with the skills and the confidence to step onto the world stage and become active participants in our global community.

At One2One we believe in balance. Our hybrid model provides you with the unique opportunity to get to know the full-picture of a developing Latin American country. You interact with a vast spectrum of people, allowing you to really be immersed in the diverse social fabric that comprises one of the world's strongest emerging economies. We believe wholeheartedly that it is possible to gain the intrinsic benefits from contributing to a greater cause without having to forfeit the extrinsic benefits that allow you to take full advantage of your international experience. In other words, we believe that bright, aspiring leaders should be able to have an enriching experience without going home broke.

As an English teacher at One2One, you can expect to:

1. Teach professionals from various fields

2. Teach kids from marginalized populations

4. Empower people as you yourself are empowered

5. Directly contribute to bridging the education gap

6. Manage a project that you develop

7. Improve your Spanish

Skills acquired through this position are:

1. Heightened leadership, interpersonal and cross-culture communication skills.

2. Management skills as you initiate, develop and manage your own professional project.

3. Personal and professional growth resulting from overcoming the challenges of successfully living and working independently in one of Latin America’s fastest emerging economies.

4. Spanish.

Through a competitive selection process, we recruit aspiring leaders, eager to contribute to One2One’s mission, and equipped with the necessary skills to do so. To apply, please send an email with the following attachments listed below to:

Application Materials:

Current Resume.

University Transcript.

2 Letters of Recommendation.

Essay #1: There are many opportunities to teach English around the world, what makes One2one your top choice?

Essay #2: Tell us about an international/intercultural experience that has had a meaningful impact on your life.

Interview (via skype or in person).

This is a full-time, year-long position with a competitive salary.

Please visit our website for FAQs and more information about joining our team. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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