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English Teachers Needed in Jakarta

Job Description

English Teachers Needed in Jakarta

Some information on the opportunity:

Jakarta is a big, bustling, metropolis full of friendly people and great shopping, bars, spas, and restaurants. Being on the equator, Jakarta is almost always a balmy 35ï‚-. Berlitz has two centers here, one in the heart of the CBD on Sudirman, and the other in the elegant residential district of Pondok Indah. With the low cost of living here, your spending power is considerable and even a maid is very affordable (no more ironing!).

Cheap, clean accommodation is provided close to the school in the form of a 'Kost' which is a place with private rooms, A/C, a cleaning/laundry service, cable TV, bathroom, and kitchen (shared) for new arrivals. If you wish to choose your own place to live after a month, you can as Kosts' are paid monthly. Safety is less of a concern these days, and there are positive economic signs.

A one-week training program is provided free of charge for new instructors, and periodic trainings thereafter (new materials, etc.). All teaching materials are supplied and most of the classes take place at our schools, although we also send instructors to our corporate clients' premises by taxi and these and travelling time are paid. The majority of classes are one-on-one, with some small groups. Most of the students are adult professional people, many are from other countries themselves. We also have university and high school students, homemakers, and children over six. Our materials are up-to-date and there is not too much preparation and marking. Our clients include embassies, and many multinationals such as BP, Pfizer, and Unilever.

Our existing teaching staff is diverse and includes a Catholic nun and an ex-marine. We have had a low turnover rate to date, meaning our existing teachers must be happy with the current package and view it as competitive. The Rp.12.4m figure is based on 4.5 contact hours per day, six days a week (including Saturday half-day). The hours can be very spread out depending on customer's requests. We are open from 7:30am till 8:55pm on weekdays and 7:30am to 2:55 on Saturdays. We are closed all public holidays. The schedules are fixed the afternoon before so the hours are very erratic, that is why it's important to live close by. Often, instructors may have no morning classes, no evening classes, or no classes during the day, or all three. It is definitely not the job for a nine to fiver. Saturday mornings are the busiest.

The traffic is horrendous and the food very spicy. It costs about $3,000 and five weeks (the application process) for us to sponsor one teacher for one year. You could expect a two week vacation (unpaid in the first contract) and two long weekends (Monday and Tuesday) off within the contract (depending on how busy we are). It's important to plan your holidays with the lesson volume in mind as it affects not only us, but your earnings and the other teachers, too. Ten percent of your salary is withheld from the first month to the twelfth. This is to ensure that teachers complete their contracts and have sufficient funds at the end to buy a plane ticket if they so desire. We provide local hospitalization insurance through Aviva (Swiss). But, many employees choose to purchase additional insurance which I would recommend.

Indonesia itself is a fascinating country with biological diversity to rival the Amazon, and indigenous rhinos, tigers, leopards, and elephants. While Muslim, alcohol and pork are freely available and miniskirts are not uncommon. This should give you some food for thought!

Please contact:
Mr. Lincoln Taylor,
Manager of Instruction

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