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TEFL and/or CELTA certified Tutors in Bergamo (near Milan)

Cento Citta Viaggi
Job Description

TEFL and/or CELTA certified Tutors in Bergamo (near Milan)

via Betty Ambiveri 25

I - 24126 Bergamo

tel +39.035.322899

p.iva:036750101 63


TEFL and/or CELTA certified Tutors

Are you talented, enthusiastic and dynamic ?! Are you good with children, you make them laugh?! If you are you able to co-ordinate and lead activities, create enjoyable and memorable experience, if you are involved in sports, dance, drama, theatre, music or primary/middle school teaching and would love an experience in Italy working with our team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals then …

…. we need you !!


- TEFL and/or CELTA certificate (following classroom course)

- University degree

- English mother language

- Previous teaching experience preferred although not necessary

- A copy of a valid penal certificate (please contact us directly as this may not apply to every applicant)

- Reference letters from either teachers or employers who can vouch for your good character and sense of responsability

The Let’s Go Camp: our aim is to offer Italian children aged 6-13 years the opportunity to improve their English language communication skills, to stimulate the learning of grammar and vocabulary, to enhance their listening skills and improve their confidence in spoken English. All this will be achieved within a stimulating and motivating mini-English environment in which kids can learn, practice and improve their English – without even realising it ….. 'cos they are having so much fun!

Dates for Summer sessions: The camps run from Monday to Friday (from 8:00/8:30 am to 5:00 pm) If required to do so by your camp leader it may be necessary to attend a meeting at the end of the day.

Summer session 1 Summer session 2

June 8/12 August 24/28

June 15/19 August 31/4 September

September 7/11

What you will be doing: The Camp will be held in local school premises and will be managed by our English speaking Team. You will be assisted by English speaking Italian Camp Leaders who will assist you in interacting with the children. Every day you will be teaching English lessons as well as engaging the children in many fun, lively and interactive activities such as educational games, team challenges and theatre labs! (10-12 staff/student ratio. Groups are based on the students skills). You can eat your lunch with the children but please note that this is not free time and that you are required to keep the children in your sight at all times and participate with them in any free time games and activities.

What you will be offered: We will organise all your flights and transfers after you arrival in Italy. We will ensure you are made comfortable with an Italian host family – and you get to enjoy the wonderful Italian hospitality. You would arrive on the Friday, to allow time for Let's Go training, and leave the following Saturday. Preferably you will be staying on for a whole summer session!


€ 250.00 to € 280.00 per week (based on your experience)

What to do if you are interested in joining us...

Email Tannith Gerber:

 attach a copy of your CV

 provide us with your contact number (including when it is best to contact you) and email address

 indicate what Summer sessions you will be available for

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