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Limited Seats Available for the Best Short-term Overseas Work Program in Asia!!

Languagecorps Asia Co Ltd
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Limited Seats Available for the Best Short-term Overseas Work Program in Asia!!

Limited Seats Available for the Best Short-term Overseas Work Program in Asia!! - Thailand and Cambodia

Looking to get out of the winter blues, and to have an amazing adventure this Spring/Summer? Need a job, or career change? Want to get ahead of everyone else in the job market by building valuable skills? Want to build life-long international friendships, and give back to others?

Asia English Teachers has a Life-Changing Opportunity for you!!

Join our Summer 2016 South East Asian Special Program ... the best overseas life-skills building program! The only work abroad program that lets you experience TWO countries in SouthEast Asia: Thailand and Cambodia in just a few months, and get your international teaching qualifications.

Here's what happens on our 2016 Summer SEAS Program:

From Sat., April 16th to Sunday, May 8th:

• Three weeks of in-class teacher training with very experienced and qualified teacher trainers, at our training center and international school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As well as observed and guided training with real language learners in Cambodia (we work with local orphanages, international schools and universities, so you are giving back to those in need of communicative skills to change their lives).

• This teacher training will lead to you receiving your internationally-recognized 144 hour TESOL Certification, which you can use after the program to teach anywhere in the world (TESOL Certification provided by LanguageCorps Asia).

• Up to 20 hours of in-class Thai language and culture lessons.

• During this training period you will stay at the Marady Hotel in Phnom Penh. Rooms include hot water, air conditioning, wi-fi, cable TV. The hotel has a pool, gym, massage center, restaurant and 24 hour bar. More info on your accommodation can be found here:

• Your stay also includes: free full western breakfasts Monday to Friday; your own cell phone for duration of the course; free massage once a week; free laundry service.

• Welcome dinner on arrival, and optional Phnom Penh city tour.

• 2-3 day beach excursion to Sihanoukville;

• We can arrange for you to get NAUI SCUBA-certified by our in-house scuba instructor, as well as take a weekend trip to the world famous temple complex of Angkor Wat.

• Transport to Bangkok for the four month summer teaching practicum.

• TESOL course books and materials.

From May 8th, 2016 to Sept., 2016:

• You are transported to Bangkok for a three day orientation, and your hotel stay is covered. After your orientation, you are transported to a Thai educational institute, where you will begin your Thai teaching practicum and placement.

• During this period you will learn, and refine valuable professional skills such as; managing people; giving presentations; leadership, creative & organizational skills; overseas international experience – highly valued by employers.

• You will also build strong personal relationships with other overseas participants and teachers, as well as with the local Thai community where you are staying.

• You are given on-going support & guidance by LanguageCorps Asia trainers during this teaching placement, as well as local educational consultants.

• Teaching placements are in provinces and cities all over Thailand, and with different age groups.

• After finishing your four month Thai teaching placement, you have the options of: (1) continuing to teach in Thailand or Cambodia – and earning more money; (2) returning to your home country with a different outlook on life & professional skills to beat out the competition in the job market; (3) use your LanguageCorps Asia TESOL Certificate to get a new job teaching in countries all over the world (you get job assistance from us to help you relocate to a new country to teach after this program).

We doubt you will find a more exciting and adventurous way to receive these internationally-recognized teaching qualifications and invest in your future – either at home or abroad – as well as get paid, travel Southeast Asia and give back to others.

During your teaching placement, you are paid 28,000 – 35,000 Thai baht salary per month (with housing), which is over $3,000 US for the total four month teaching practicum period.

You also gain:

• your internationally-recognized 144 hour TEFL Certificate (market value is $1,525 ... for free).

• hotel rooms in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Bangkok, and single-person housing in Thailand during your teaching placement

• beach excursion, cell phone use, free breakfasts, laundry service and massage at the Marady Hotel, etc.

Applicants that are already TESOL Certified at internationally-recognized standards, may still join the program and move up the TESOL Career ladder. Such applicants may be eligible for LC Asia's Teacher Training Apprenticeship Program.

Or a certified applicant may be offered one of the seats and still gain: up to 20 hours of communicative Thai language training; specific training in proven comprehensive-based teaching methods that work in Asian language learning contexts; and put teaching practice of two countries on their resume in the 5 month period (such as teaching at Cambodian orphanages, and a school in Thailand).

Note that this is a one-term, four month paid internship in Thailand, which includes an internationally-recognized 144 hour TESOL qualification (or in-service Teacher Training qualification) as part of your internship package. However, program participants must cover the cost of their Thai non-immigrant B and Cambodian visas, three weeks of shared or single accommodation at the Marady Hotel where the TESOL course will be held (includes weekday buffet breakfasts, laundry service, weekly massage), and for course materials and transport.

Program participants must make their own way to the training center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and arrive in Phnom Penh on or before April 17th, 2016.

If you wish to be one of the participants in this exciting adventure, please send your resume, including your date of birth, nationality and recent photo to

Internationally-recognized 144 hour TESOL Certificate Training is provided by our TESOL training partner, LanguageCorps Asia. LC Asia is a member of the College of Teachers, Better Business Bureau, and affiliated with Panasastra University. LCA has trained thousands of teachers in over a decade in South East Asia.



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