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Open Career PT. Djarum Indonesia

PT Djarum Indonesia
Job Description

Open Career PT. Djarum Indonesia


PT Djarum is one of the largest tobacco companies to 3 in Indonesia based in Kudus, Central Java. Djarum until now produces 3 types of cigarette on the market, namely smoking cigars, cigarettes and cigarettes. Of the product produced by PT Djarum is Indonesia could dominate the market in this case because the company did put the quality of production so as not to disappoint the consumer from the beginning until now. Djarum cigarette raw materials made of quality number 1 which has passed laboratory tests and free of harmful chemicals that can spur chronic diseases such as cancer and so on.

Jobs Djarum


-Marketing Trainee

-Network Engineer

-System Administrator

-Internal Auditor

-Hrd Recruitment Staff

-General Services Building


-Man or woman

-Education Minimal S1 all the majors

-Indek Achievement of at least 3.00

-Lulusan Private or public university


Able to work in teams and individuals

-Able to communicate well

Able to speak English

Able to negotiate

-Physically and mentally healthy

-Ready Placed throughout Indonesia.

Immediately register yourself by sending your complete application file accompanied by a recent photograph and a photocopy of your ID card to the e-mail address below:< /p>


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