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Seoul & Gyeonggi Province: Franchise searching for qualified instructors

Sammie Kang
Job Description

Seoul & Gyeonggi Province: Franchise searching for qualified instructors

Seoul & Gyeonggi Province: Franchise searching for qualified instructors, kindergarten to elementary

★ Huge, Respected Worldwide Franchise English Institution/Canadian Curriculum/Immersion Education

A highly reputable and respectable franchise English institution is searching for qualified instructors to teach kindergarten to elementary school students. This franchise is located worldwide (over 100 schools at 9 different countries), headquartered in Vancouver. As a school that follows one of the best renowned Canadian teaching curriculum, this school provides organized and supreme quality of education to students. The curriculum is mostly hands-on style so teachers can improvise and create new styles to inspire students build their creativity.

The job opening is in different locations; in Seoul and Gyeonggi province. Seoul is the hottest area, needless to say, and Gyeonggi follows the second as a city closest to Seoul. Apart from the geographical advantage you will be working with extremely friendly and specialized faculty members who are willing to support and guide you through your work. A foreign director will be very helpful in dealing with any inquiries you might have.

Given such favorable conditions this is a highly wanted position among many English instructors and this is THE opportunity for you to jump in. This can be a great first step for you to build professionalism in teaching and also gain double the excitement from working in Korea.

Job description

School Type: Well organized private English school

Location: Seoul & Gyeonggi Province

Starting Date: Late Feb. 2016

Teaching Age Group: Kindergarteners to Elementary school students

Working Hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Salary: 2.3-2.5 million won per month

Vacation: about 2 weeks + National holidays

No. of native teacher: 10

Housing: furnished Single / couple housing

Benefits: Severance payment, Health insurance & national pension, One way flight ticket provided

Job Qualification

 Bachelor’s degree or greater from an accredited university/college is a must. All majors and disciplines are accepted but two year college graduates are not allowed to obtain a work visa in Korea

 Must have citizenship and a valid passport from one of the following English-speaking countries (Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United States)

 A supporting document to verify your education in English speaking country since grade 7 is required

 Clean criminal history

 Healthy mental and physicality

Documentation Requirement

 CV/Resume (please include the following)

 Personal and contact information – DOB, Nationality

 Education background

 Teaching experience if available (not required)

 Job preferences

 Reference

 Photo (casual acceptable)

Please send the required documents to

Job Details
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