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Competitive Salary + full benefits in Gangnam, Jamsil and Bundang

YBM PINE Head Office
Job Description

Competitive Salary + full benefits in Gangnam, Jamsil and Bundang

Fantastic Hrs - 9:30 am – 4:30 pm with Korea's Largest, Most reliable & Competitive Salary + full benefits in Gangnam, Jamsil and Bundang

Korea's largest and most reputable ESL organization established since 1961 fully guarantees the employment contract/benefits at our company owned branches. Choose the most attractive popular locations in Prime/Central locations in Korea with compact blocked hours, 100% Job Stability + All Benefits required by Korean law.

Bypass recruiting agencies dealing directly with YBM Head Office for Honest & Professional processing. Applicants can choose multiple locations with just one application dealing with the YBM Head Office.

Target all or any selective locations of your choice respective to the start date

Bundang Learning near Jeongja subway station (End of May to end of June start 2016)
Bundang PSA near Jeongja subway station (Late August start to Sept 1st 2016 start)
Seocho AppleTree near Gangnam and Seoul National Education University station (Late June 2016)
Daechi GATE near Yeoksam subway station (May 31st start F4 visa or E2)
Jamsil cGATE near Jamsil and Shincheon subway station (End of June to end of July start)

Go to to learn more about our YBM company owned schools

Why choose our YBM PINE division company owned jobs?
1. Attractive Compensation with full benefits (Provided housing, medical, pension, severance, +)
2. Compact Schedule: Short-compact hours of 9:30 am to 4:30 pm teaching hours/ 9:45 am -6:00 pm
3. Prime Locations: Live & work in prime areas such as, Gangnam Station, Jamsil and Bundang
4. Reliable Employer: Always pays on-time and full compliance with pension tax, medical, and severance pay

Position: Native English Teacher positions ESL to children)
Salary: 2.2 - 2.8 million won per month + housing or up to 3.3 million No housing option
Benefits: Severance pay, vacation days + all national holidays off
Korean Pension and Health Insurance: Fully comply with this regulation
Start Dates: Various start dates such as late May, late June, late July and Late August 2016
Locations to target: See Above list

Please apply if you meet one of these requirements
Native English speaker from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Ireland.

One of the following:
1. Qualifies for the E2 Visa sponsorship by having the required documents or
2. Currently have an ARC card with E2/D10 /F4/F6 visa

Please email over the following items
1. List of all locations you are targeting in your cover email
2. Resume
3. Any digital photo of yourself
4. If current holder of E2/D10/F4/F2/F6 visa (Pictures of your ARC card front & back)
5. If need visa sponsorship (Please submit or update on status of your E2 visa documents)

Documents needed for a new E2 visa sponsorship
-Apostilled Bachelor's Degree photocopy version
-Apostilled Criminal background check-Must be original
-Valid Passport from USA, Canada, UK, Irelaand, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Send emails to

Danny J. Kim
HR Manager
YBM Head Office


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