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(Home-based) Online English Language tutor needed

Tutoring corporation
Job Description

(Home-based) Online English Language tutor needed

**Please do not send an email to this account,

You can only apply through the website below.

What is Tutoring?

Tutoring offers a mobile on-demand private language lesson platform that connects language learning students and tutors from all around the globe. There are a few things that makes Tutoring stand out among other language learning services; efficiency and contents. Unlike other similar online services, Tutoring has been creating a set of contents, Storycards, that Tutoring’s students and tutors know what exactly is going to be in each lesson and can keep track on their progress.

What is ahead?

Tutoring service will be launched in early second half of 2016. We are looking for tutors for closed beta and eventually for the actual service. Tutors from the closed beta service will be compensated for their contribution and the term is currently under discussion. If you have a passion for teaching and find Tutoring interesting, we strongly recommend you to apply now.

Why become a tutor?

Depending on your teaching ability and experience, your earnings can be $4 ~$16 (more detail information can be found on the website per hour. Since Tutoring is an on-demand service for students, the idea applies to tutors as well. You can teach anytime and anywhere as long as you have a mobile device and a stable internet connection. In addition to that, we have prepared a content for each topic that tutors are free from the burden of creating their own materials. Lastly, we are creating a system that each tutor can create his or her own Storycards that can give each tutor chances to stand out and attract more students.

Tutor requirements

          1.    Native English speaker or as good

2.    A mobile device and a set of earphone (headphone)

3.    Stable internet connection (wifi)

4.    A college graduate or currently enrolled

5.    Passionate about teaching English

6.    Experienced in teaching English

7.    A paypal account


(For more information and TO APPLY,)

please visit:!apply-to-teach/ee1kv  

If you have any questions, please send us an email to:

-Please post your 1~2 minutes self introduction video on Youtube. 

Your application must contain the link address, and your video will be used for evaluating your English fluency and review process.


*The earnings may change due to exchange fluctuations. The exchange rate of the day of payment will be applied and the rate will be posted as well.

-Check this video  for more information about the service: 

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