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Full time Position in ENGLISH VILLAGE!

Job Description

Full time Position in ENGLISH VILLAGE!

Hello, Teachers,
We are global recruiting agency INQ Korea.
We are mainly working with English villages in Korea.
We do have other schools and private institutes, too.
1. Every English villages in Korea are supported by the government.
- Many private institutes are closed down these days.
2. They have many foreign co-workers in a village.
- They have strong community themselves. You will not be lonely.
3. Activity based classes!!!!
- You don't need to teach students grammars, reading, boring topics.
Please contact us to have great experiences in Korea!

Your better life starts with INQ!!!
INQ Korea
e-mail :
contact No. : 82-10-8671-1924
Add. : #122, 816, Seogotro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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open positions

1. ICEV - Incheon English Village

 Job Type: Full-time positions
 Location: Incheon, Korea
 Website:

Welcome to ICEV
1) Foreign teachers from E2 visa eligible countries listed below.
- USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland
2) Bachelor's degree - Education related degrees preferred
3) Teaching certificate preferred.
4) Documents ready soon – Diploma & CBC apostilled or notarized.
5) Teaching age group: Elementary students mainly but not limited to.
- Can teach from preschool to adult students.
6) a lot of hands-on activities
7) Number of foreign teachers: Foreign : 27, Korean : 25, Staff : 20
8) Round-trip airfare provided
9) Single room in a dormitory apartment (utility fee free)
- Depends on seniority, you can move to studio apartment(wouldn't take a long time)
10) Four week paid vacations
- 5 working days of paid vacation
- One week at lunar New Year's Day
- One week during the first week of March
- One week at Korean Thanksgiving Day.
11) Paid sick days: 5 days (If the days are not used, teachers can apply to get bonus for the remaining days)
12) Health Insurance & Severance Pay
13) Lunch & Transportation Provided
14) Most numbers of teachers in one school. (Strong community you can lean on)
15) Easy to get Seoul (30 min by subway)
16) Salary
* 2.0 + @ Mil/month (Depends on your experiences and certificates)
17) They have "Saturday Program"!!
=> 5 days working/ 2 different shifts;1.Mon-Thur,Sat(Fri,Sun off) 2.Tue-Sat
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If you are interested, please send your resume and CV to me at

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