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Avoid Recruiters! Teach in SEOUL, DAEGU & other areas with YBM Education ECC Div

YBM Head Office
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Avoid Recruiters! Teach in SEOUL, DAEGU & other areas with YBM Education ECC Div

Teach in SEOUL, Korea’s Largest city with Korea’s Largest ESL Provider YBM ECC.

Teach with Korea’s oldest and largest employer of ESL teachers and never worry about late-payments or unfair employment practices all too common of the ESL industry here. We ALWAYS honor our contract. This is NOT an ad from a recruiter. Apply DIRECTLY to the YBM head office and have the best choice of locations and be considered for all of our upcoming positions.

Benefits you receive with YBM ECC which other schools may not provide:
RENT-FREE, furnished, single housing w/air conditioning located within walking distance to the school.
Competitive salary of 2.0 million to 2.4 million won for 26 teaching hours per week equal to about 105 teaching hours per month: less hours than the average contract in Korea.
Guaranteed contracts; you will always be paid on time and in full by the YBM Head Office in Seoul, regardless of the financial condition of your school
Prepaid air tickets, not reimbursed, from the nearest major home city of prospective teachers.
Relocation allowance 200,000 won
Visa Fee Subsidy 50,000 won
Korean National Medical Insurance
Compliance with the Pension tax refund for qualifying teachers
Year-end completion bonus/severance (one extra month’s salary)
Vacation days (10 days plus all Korean National holidays)
Medical testing provided and paid for by YBM
Paid Orientation and training with our teacher trainer.

For positions departing at the end of August/September time frame:

1. Nowon ECC (walking distance to Sanggye Station line 4 & Junggye Station line 7) This school is located in the heart of the Nowon area, also known as the hot spot of Northern Seoul. Here you will find street filled with amenities that cater to the foreign crowd, university students, and young Korean professionals. Being located in northern Seoul, instructors at Nowon ECC will be close to the famous Daehangno district and the northern Seoul areas.

2. Gwangmyweong ECC (walking distance from Seoul only 1 minute away from Cheolsan Subway Station, line 7) This school is located in the South-western part of Seoul nearby numerous scenic mountains. As it is located in Seoul, populous places such as Hongdae, Itaewon, Gangnam and other hot spots are easily accessible with this location.

3. Songpa/Jamsil ECC (8 minute walk from Bangi Station, Line 5) Located near Jamsil and the Olympic Park. Songpa is very popular because it is not as congested as other parts of Seoul yet it is only a few minutes from the popular Gangnam areas. Songpa is home to the world’s largest indoor amusement park Lotte World.

4. Changdong/Ssangmun ECC (5 minute walking distance from Chang-dong Station line 1 & 4) is located in North-eastern Seoul in the Nowon district, which is a populous area for young adults. This area is also known for beautiful mountains and the air in this location is fresher than most areas of Seoul. With the rent-free-housing also being within walking distance to our school instructors are this location enjoy the absolutely breathtaking scenery and the convenient travel times.

1. Daegu ECC (2 min walk to Sinmae Station, Line 2) Located in an affluent and upper-middle class Suseong district of Daegu with World Cup Stadium a walk or short bus ride away, you will never have to travel far to go to grocery stores, gyms, or to shopping malls. It is even offers instructors the luxury to play ex-pat hockey on an Olympic-size ice rink. Downtown-central Daegu (Banwoldang Station) is only a short commute away with the usage of Daegu Metro.

2. Suseong ECC is located in Gisan-dong in Daegu, which is an upper-middle class community surrounded by beautiful mountains and amazing scenery. Attractions in the district include Yongjibong and Suseong Lake as well as the Sicheon riverside park. The school is a quick bus ride away from downtown Daegu which is crowded with restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, bars and more. People of Daegu are known to be warm and hospitable and it is a great place to live for newcomers to Korea. With the usage of the bullet train, Seoul is reachable in 2 hours and Busan is even closer.

1. Guri ECC* (8 min bus ride to Guri Station) is located right next to the north-eastern part of Seoul. Guri city aimed itself to be a green city, and it is an ideal place for those who want to be close to Seoul but want a clean and less congested life style. Getting to Seoul is easy at this location as the subway is connected through the Jungang line or by numerous buses.

2. Gimpo ECC* is located is located near the North-western part of Gyeonggi province. This location is very close to north-western regions of Seoul such as Hongade Station, Sinchon Station and even Itaewon Station.

3. Bucheon ECC* (4 min walk from Sangdong Subway station on line 7) is located nearby Bupyeong Station which is the busiest region in Incheon and nearby western Seoul. This location has all the amenities yo u would need and it is transportation friendly as it is connected to the Seoul Metro.

1. Seogwangju ECC* is located is located in the Gwangju metropolitan city, in the south-western district of South Korea. Gwangju is well known for their exquisite scenic views and their rich and diverse cuisine. If you like adventure and nature, this is a great location.

1. Jeju ECC* is located in Jeju island known to be Hawaii for South Koreans. This island attracts tons of tourists all year long and Seoul to Jeju is the busiest passenger air-route in the world. Instructors working for Jeju ECC can enjoy the beautiful subtropical weather with fantastic scenery and beaches nearby in all angles. Furthermore, the school is close to the downtown district of Jeju City for all amenities one can need.

1. Gyeongju ECC* is located one of the wealthiest regions of Gyeongju City and the city itself is known as a museum without borders. If instructors are interested in learning the culture and history of South Korea, Gyeongju ECC is a great location to choose.

>>>>QUALIFICATIONS: Native English speaker from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. At least a bachelor’s degree, criminal background check, transcripts and passport. **

>>>>To apply for one or more of the above listed positions please send the following to the HR Manager Danny Kim at

1. Your updated Resume
2. Any recent photo of yourself
3. Locations you would like to consider (list one or more)
4. Indicate the status of your E2 visa documents or e-mail them over if you have them in order.

Visit our homepage to see pictures of our school and learn more about our company.

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