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Muscat, Oman Teaching Positions

Dr. Christina
Job Description

Muscat, Oman Teaching Positions

Native English,Science, Physics & Math Teachers Required For China Muscat, Oman, Kuwait  & Riyadh Saudi Arabia




Native Male & Female Teachers Required For Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1.English Language Centre);  Saudi Colleges, Universities Riyadh ( Salary 3000$ - 5000$

Teacher Selection Criteria

Native speaker of English ( preferably: US,UK,Canada,Australia,South Africa)

Age: 25-55 years

Marital Status: Single Male

Education and professional Experience:

Degree: BA in other subjects will be acceptable

 majoring in  English/English Literature/English Language the first priority


Previous Service : 2 – 3  years(Adult Teaching);

(Preferably some experience in Arab countries/KSA)

Certification :  CELTA/TESL/TEFL-or similar certification- OR

Degree: MA/PhD in  English/English Literature/English Language

Previous Service : 3+ years(Adult Teaching) :

 (Preferably some experience in Arab Countries/KSA)

Certification:  CELTA/TESL/TEFL-or similar certification


Job Location

English Language Centre);  Riyadh


Job Responsibilities

- Teach all level ESL/EFL  courses to  trainees and mining industry employees 

- Design, conduct and report testing instruments: Quizzes, Midterm, Final and Retake Tests

- Follow up on trainees test results and find solutions for low performers

- Prepare supplementary and remedial materials and schedules whenever requested  and

teach them as needed

- Prepare trainees’ performance progress reports and assign graded homework 

-Enhance trainees’ professional awareness and maturity



-Monthly Salary : 3000$ - 5000$


Living in Saudi Arabia & Teaching English


Friendly and welcoming, Saudi Arabia draws a large number of expatriates from around the world. The culture is relatively relaxed, and Saudi Arabia enjoy a diverse environment and a comfortable standard of living. You will have great advantage of visiting in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a comparative “oasis of liberalism” among the conservative Muslim countries of the region. It’s popular with travelers for its authentic “Arabness” but without the strict application of Islamic law upon its non-Muslim minority. Alcohol is readily available, attracting foreign residents of nearby Middle Eastern states. Bahrain is filled with extravagant hotels, ornate shopping plazas, and a large number of luxury tourist resorts. Plentiful oil resources throughout Bahrain have fueled a construction boom in recent years that shows no sign of slowing down.


Click on the link to know  about Saudi Arabia


Cost of living in Saudi Arabia

Living expenses vary by the individual, although most teachers are able to save a good portion of their monthly salary. Employment packages for teachers usually include generous benefits, which often extend to dependants as well. 

Furnished accommodation is routinely provided.


Things for teachers to do in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia a popular nighttime destination for visitors from its neighboring countries. Dining options include anything from Western fast food, to street stalls, to high-end restaurants. During the day, shopping is an extremely popular pastime. There are a number of shopping malls as well as markets. 


Saudi Arabia Travel 

Many travelers find Saudi Arabia an ideal mix of traditional Arab culture and Western-friendly attitudes. Residents of Saudi Arabia’s neighboring countries, such as Bahrain, often come to Saudi Arabia to relax socially.


1) Hike w/ the Hash

Most major cities around the world have Hash House Harriers (HHH), a group of hikers that get together and explore the local terrain. What makes Hashing in Saudi so special, is the differing landscapes of the desert. With the permission of authorities, it gives foreigners-only the opportunity to mingle freely, sans abaya (black cloak women wear), and build valuable contacts to make life in Riyadh much easier. The best part is stumbling across unique finds, like desert diamonds, hieroglyphics, or desert roses. To seal the memory, end your hike next to a campfire, feet in sand, watching the sunset.


2) Hamam at Direm Beauty Center 

Basically, during Hamam, an old lady gives you the best bath of your life! You can find everyone from soon-to-be Saudi brides to curious expats getting this treatment done. It can be compared to the body scrubs of Turkey or the jjimjilbangs of South Korea. The entire treatment is done in a wet sauna, where the woman slathers you with mixtures of soap, oil, and mud. After she removes a layer of your DNA, you may find that you are a shade and a pound lighter. It’s an interesting experience that has you walking away with skin so soft and clean, as if you were just born yesterday.


3) Eat at Najd Village 

If you want to experience what ancient Saudi Arabia was like, you must visit this restaurant! When you first walk in, the stone walls encase you like an old fortress. Simple rarities here, like the rich color patterns found in the painted doors, gold Arabic antiques, and plush green grass, are a joy to see. Every group is given a private eating room with wrap-around floor seating. The meal is started off with the traditional Saudi dates and tea. And then you are served huge dishes that meant to be shared. Here’s one of your few chances to try camel!.. Don’t forget your camera. This restaurant is a unique experience that you may want to capture.


5) Shop and Eat at Al Faisaliya Tower 

If you’re looking for a fancy night out on the town, you must pay a visit to The Globe restaurant at the top of Al Faisaliya Tower. Here you can taste a variety of European meals, High Tea, and deserts, at a table that overlooks all of Riyadh. If this doesn’t fit your tastes, step over to Il Terrazo restaurant, an all-you-can eat Brazilian barbeque. This open-air, but misted, restaurant plays music (which is absent in most public places) and is a mixed gender zone. Once the sun sets, step out onto the observation deck for a 360 degree view of the city, with the desert in the background. Then walk off the food, in the expansive mall below.


Life in Saudi Arabia: Society

Despite aspiring to be a modern country in many respects, Saudi Arabia still has one of the most traditional societies in the world. Life in Saudi Arabia is governed by firm religious beliefs, rules and traditions, and expats living in Saudi Arabia have to get used to that as there is no way around it.

The traditions and attitudes of Saudi Arabia have been shaped by Islam as well as Bedouin culture. Thus, expats living in Saudi Arabia will discover that family bonds are still much stronger than in many other cultures, to an extent that they permeate all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia, even in the business world.


Living in Saudi Arabia: Culture

Cultural life in Saudi Arabia has to be in agreement with strict interpretations of the Quran. In practice, this means that the visual arts, for example, are limited to geometric, floral or abstract designs, as representations of human beings are forbidden. Although there are some cinemas in larger cities, relinquishing the joys of theater comes with the territory of life in Saudi Arabia for expats.

Music and dance form an important part of cultural life in Saudi Arabia, as does Bedouin poetry. Literature in Saudi Arabia in general is, however, kept in check by strict censorship rules. If a life in Saudi Arabia is planned for expats, they should be aware that, just as there is no freedom of religion, there is no real freedom of expression, either.


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  1. Attached resume (CV)
  2. Copies of your degrees and relevant diplomas and/or certificate
  3. A copy of your passport (first page only to confirm your nationality)
  4. Letters of reference (optional at this stage)


CANDIDATE NAME :_______________________________________________

POSITION APPLIED :_______________________________________________

NATIONALITY :___________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH :__________________________________________________


Date  of Availability ________________________________________________

AGE :_____________________________________________________________

MARITAL STATUS :________________________________________________

CURRENT POSITION :______________________________________________

CURRENT LOCATION :_____________________________________________

QUALIFICATION :_________________________________________________

TOTAL YEARS EXPERIENCE:_______________________________________

NOTICE PERIOD :__________________________________________________

CURRENT SALARY :_______________________________________________

TELEPHONE NO.___________________________________________________

CELLPHONE .______________________________________________________

SKYPE ID__________________________________________________________


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Dr. Christina Philips

Managing Director

English Today Recruitment

(Middle East)Recruitment


  1. Native ESL Positions in Royal Colleges  Muscat Oman

English Language Teachers

Place of work:Royal College Muscat , Sultanate of Oman
Please find the details below:

English Teachers



  1. Qualifications: (Full-time study from a recognized institution)
    · MA/M.Ed. (Applied Linguistics/TEFL/TESOL)
    + Trinity Cert./CELTA/DELTA/PCGE/PGDE (Recommended) OR
    · BA English
    + Trinity Cert./CELTA/DELTA/PCGE/PGDE (Recommended) OR
    · B.Ed. (4-year program TEFL/TESOL)
    + Trinity Cert./CELTA/DELTA/QTS (desirable)
  2. Experience: ( At Tertiary Level)
    · Minimum 2 years post degree in the field of ELT (Essential)
    · Experience in Smart Class, e-learning, self-access and personal tutoring (Desirable)
    · Experience in Curriculum design and teaching ESP (Desirable)
    · Age between 25 & 53


Condensed Contract:

Total Salary (Inclusive of Accommodation & Transport) – 1900 OMR
-(4935$ )

Ticket – 2+1 or 1 + 3 (return) annually
School Fee – 1500 /year up to two children annually from Grade/Standard 1 to Grade 12/Standard 12. KG 1 and KG 2 is within the Campus.
Annual Leave – 45 Days
Medical – MOD Head Service
Contract- 3 Years, Renewed on mutual Interest.


Teaching Jobs in Oman

Teaching in Oman is a great way to experience life in the Middle East while earning a competitive, tax-free salary. Teaching positions in Oman are Technical Colleges . Most teaching jobs in Oman have a contract duration of 3 year.

Teaching Salary and Benefits in Oman

Teachers in Oman can expect to make between $2,000 and $3,800 USD per month, tax-free. Most teaching jobs in Oman include furnished accommodations or accommodations at very low cost. As such, teaching in Oman can be a great way to save money. Other teaching benefits in Oman can include return airfare, medical insurance provided by the employer, paid vacation time, and allowances for transportation and tuition for dependents.


Living in Oman

Known for its friendly people, Oman is a country located on the Arabian Sea. Oman is one of the fastest developing countries in the Middle East. With a hot and dry climate, Oman is a great country for those looking to experience an authentic Middle Eastern way of living. Oman is made up of a vast desert region and mountains, and it is home to many historical forts, which are its best known landmarks. Traveling in Oman can include desert camping, a trip to the beach, and shopping at traditional markets.


Living in the Capital of Oman, Muscat

As the Capital of Oman, Muscat is the largest city in the country, as well as the seat of government. Since the ascension of the current Sultan, Qaboos bin Said in 1970, Oman has seen rapid infrastructure development. Muscat is home to many notable landmarks, including the famous Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Oman National Museum, and a brand new opera house (opened Late 2011). For those interested in shopping, the largest mall in Oman is situated in Muscat—the Muscat Grand Mall—with many smaller other malls scattered throughout the city.

Al-Ansab Wetland

This wetland, the eagle capital of the world, is the place to go birdwatching with more than 280 different species on view. To see flamingos, spoonbills and flocks of wading birds head to Barr Al-Hickman, one of Oman’s 16 national nature reserves (



Don’t miss the lively fish market here. Watch locals standing around the auction floor bid for fish of all colours, shapes and sizes, while fishermen young and old land the night’s catches on the huge beach outside, running up the sand with filled crates and fish threaded on lines.


Bimmah Sinkhole

This enormous sinkhole is mesmerising, its wonderful geological shape and still green-blue waters (a result of salt and fresh water mixing together) creating a picture of beauty. It’s worth the long climb down (and back up again) to dip your toes in the water and to get a closer view of the 40m-wide (130ft) basin.


Empty Quarter

The largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula, north of Salalah, is the place to enjoy an exhilarating 4-wheel drive off-road experience, exploring territory that had not been crossed until just 80 years ago.


Grand Mosque, Muscat

Be wowed by gold, crystals, Italian white marble, a 10-tonne crystal chandelier lit by 1,122 bulbs and a 21-tonne carpet woven in one piece by 600 Iranian women. The women’s room is much smaller than the men’s. It took six years to build the mosque, whose huge gold dome and tall minarets dominate the skyline.


Ras Al Jinz

Ras Al Jinz, near Sur, is the only place to spot protected turtles. More than 50,000 females make their way slowly up the beach every night to lay their eggs, before slipping back to the sea before dawn. July to October is the peak time for turtle watching.


Rustaq Fort

The sheer beauty of this mighty fort comes into view as you approach. It has been beautifully restored and is a maze of corridors, stairways, prettily-carved archways and fascinating rooms including the sultan’s guest room, winter room, prison and women’s and girls’ rooms adorned with pretty bracelets, teapots and delightfully painted ceramics.


Wadi Sahtan


Explore the beautiful ravine of Wadi Sahtan in the Rustaq region on a 4-wheel drive guided jeep tour. Pass by small ancient villages, beautiful, still green pools, 14 million date palms, and craggy cliffs, stopping off for a picnic lunch beneath the towering peaks. Best of all, enjoy the thrill of splashing at speed through small rivers along the way.


Al Mughsayl blowholes


These blowholes provide an amazing natural water display. During the monsoon, when sea levels rise and currents become more active, water surges though rock cavities, resulting in a superb display of gushing water.


Al-Hoota Cave

You will encounter some of the country’s limestone wonders at this cave, reached by Oman’s only train ( It extends for 5km (3 miles) underground and the cave lake contains several species of blind fish.

Bahla Fort


This is one of the most impressive fortified settlements of its kind in the world and one of Oman’s many World Heritage sites. Like several of its listed sites, it is not yet open to visitors. Before you leave, buy a souvenir pot from local Bahla potters but don’t rub it – Bahla is famous for genies!

Beach picnic

Spend a day the Omani way with a picnic and the company of friends on the beautiful beaches of Yitti, Seifa or Quiryat or in the lush oleander-flowering wadis of Dayqah, Shab and Tiwi.

Forts and castles

Scale the battlements of one of Oman’s many forts and castles in the old capital cities of Nakhal or Rustaq, and examine why honey wasn’t always sweet for unwanted guests at the imposing Al-Hazm, Nizwa or Jibreen Forts.

Geological attractions

Get up close to Oman’s world-famous geological attractions and go rock climbing in the wadis (dry river beds) of the Al Haja Mountains. Less ambitious visitors may prefer to enjoy the mountains by hiking up to jabal Al Akhdar, Oman’s Green Mountain, where a variety of soft fruits and prize pomegranates are grown.


Haggle at Muttrah Souk

This fairly small labyrinthine souk in Muscat is the place to haggle for gold, silver and other trinkets you thought you could never afford. Pick up some frankincense at a bargain price and delightful spices too. The good news is that the vendors are not too persistent here.


Jabal Shams

Ascend Jabal Shams (Mountain of the Sun) either on foot or by 4-wheel drive jeep and peer into the shadows of Wadi Ghul, the Grand Canyon of Arabia, pausing to buy a goat-haired carpet from the mountain’s itinerant weavers.


Mud baths

Join the locals in a gnat-infested mud bath at beautiful Wadi Darbat in the heart of Oman’s southern, subtropical region of Dhofar. During the autumn, water from the mountains forms magnificent waterfalls which cascade from a height of 100m (330ft).


To get a true feel for Oman’s whitewashed capital, follow the Muttrah Corniche from the lively fish market, past the balconied buildings of the Muttrah Souk and old Muscat to the Sultan’s Palace, which shelters beneath the 16th-century Portuguese forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani.




Renowned for its early-morning livestock market, winding alleyways and silver handicrafts, Nizwa was the country’s capital during the sixth and seventh centuries. Buy copper and handicrafts from artisans at the souk.


Oryx sanctuary

The Oryx Natural Living Sanctuary is situated in Jallluni, in the central region. Go in search of the Arabian oryx in the dawn mists at and enjoy a visit to Huqf Escarpment led by a member of the local Al-Harasi tribe.

Ride a camel

Ride a camel across Sharqiya Sands in the Deserted Quarter. As dusk falls, return to your campsite for a barbecue of camel and goat kebabs – and a night under the most amazing starry sky.


Traditional dhow

Drift slowly in a dhow off Khasab, where these traditional boats have been used by fishing families for generations. If you are lucky, you may be accompanied by dolphins. The area in the Musandam Peninsula is often described as the Norway of Arabia because of its beautiful khors (fjords).


Enjoy a variety of water sports, including diving (, windsurfing, sailing or deep-sea fishing from one of the many outlets in Muscat and Salalah, or take a trip on the wild side and organise your own fun in the sun off the desert island of Masirah.


Nightlife in Oman

You’ll find the main nightclubs and bars in Muscat and Salalah, although most of the nightlife centres in the hotels. A new convention centre with an 8,000-seat auditorium is being built, which will double as an entertainment and sports venue. It will include new hotels and shopping facilities and is due to open in 2014.

As part of its long-term plan, the country is investing in more entertainment venues such as the Oman Royal Opera House which opened in 2011. It will showcase Oman’s cultural heritage, as well as bringing international music to the local audience and visitors. Famous names to grace the venue will include Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, soprano Renée Fleming, cellist Yo Yo Ma and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the American Ballet Theatre and trumpeter Wynton Marsalis with New York City’s


Jazz at uincoln Centre Orchestra.

The Royal Opera House shares the grounds with a small theatre, restaurants, luxury shops and extensive gardens.
There are a number of modern cinemas in Muscat, such as the Al-Shatti Multiplex, Ruwi and Star, showing a variety of international films.
There is very little in the way of nightlife in other Omani towns with the exception of Salalah which comes alive during the khareef (rainy season in July and August) with festival activities.


Please lick on the useful links for Oman regarding teaching and tourism ngs–Oman.html

5 great things to do in Oman


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Also please note that, we would request you to provide the age, Nationality and photograph on the CV’s. No Family visa for females. Only for male family visa provided

. Fill it in and send it back to me.
1. Attached resume (CV)

  1. Photo Attached
  2. Copies of your degrees and relevant diplomas and/or certificate
  3. A copy of your passport (first page only to confirm your nationality)
  4. Letters of reference (optional at this stage)
    CANDIDATE NAME :_______________________________________________

POSITION APPLIED :_______________________________________________

NATIONALITY :___________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH :__________________________________________________


Date Of Availability ________________________________________________

AGE :_____________________________________________________________

MARITAL STATUS :________________________________________________

CURRENT POSITION :______________________________________________

CURRENT LOCATION :_____________________________________________

QUALIFICATION :_________________________________________________

TOTAL YEARS EXPERIENCE:_______________________________________

NOTICE PERIOD :__________________________________________________

CURRENT SALARY :_______________________________________________

TELEPHONE NO.___________________________________________________

CELLPHONE .______________________________________________________

SKYPE ID__________________________________________________________


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  1. Kuwait- Native English secondary, Math, Physics & Deputy Head , Head Learning Support, Busines/Ec Teachers Required For Kuwait

Kuwait- Native English, Math, Science & Class Teachers Required For Kuwait

  1.                Huge salary KD (Kuwait is a tax free country)
  2.                Sharing Accommodation or amazing KD Allowance.
  3.                Round Trip Airfare ticket for the employee
  4.                Visa provided only for teachers

- To our requirement first we are looking Bachelor degree is suitable then we are go head with application.

- Bachelor of Arts in Social, Science ,Maths, History 

- Countries must be a USA,UK,Australia,IRELAND,Canada,NZ 


Requirement For Primary Teacher's:- Project  2016 To 2017 

1-Bachelor In Specialized * Subject 

+Sharing Accommodation + Airline Ticket

2-Bachelor Of Education

+Sharing Accommodation + Airline Ticket

3-Bachelor Of Subject Specialization + PGCE or Master In Education

+Sharing Accommodation + Airline Ticket


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We prefer the candidate having bachelor’s degree in same area as the job to which they are applying.

-        School information    KIES AND IBS

-       ( 2000$ to 3800$)

-        Package (flights, housing, etc) Flights/housing

-        Length of contract: 1 year

-        Number of positions: 10


Please click on the link to know more about Kuwait



From its water sports to its enticing architecture, traveler from around the world are discovering the delights of Kuwait. Kuwait tourism incorporates a range of holidays, from cultural breaks to shopping trips. 

Things to do in Kuwait 

Kuwait City, the country’s dynamic capital, is bustling with attractions and activities. Visit the city’s architectural highlights, including the impressive Kuwait Towers and Liberation Tower. The Grand Mosque, the biggest in Kuwait, offers guided tours for visitors, and the beautiful mosaics of nearby Seif Palace are a fascinating example of Islamic art.

To learn more about Kuwait’s history and culture, visit the National Museum and Sadu House, which is dedicated to preserving traditional Bedouin art and culture. For visitors travelling with children, the Scientific Centre is Kuwait’s premier family attraction, offering fascinating nature films on a 3D cinema screen and much more. 

Kuwait’s location on the Persian Gulf also means that it has first-rate beaches and a range of water sports for holidaymakers to enjoy. Arrange a scuba diving trip or rent a boat to explore Kuwait from off-shore.  


Shopping in Kuwait 

Away from the major attractions on the tourism map, shopping is a favourite activity with travellers and business visitors in Kuwait. The country’s luxury department store, Villa Moda, houses major design labels – including Gucci and Prada – in a sleek glass building. Souq Sharq, Marina Mall and The Avenues are all major shopping malls in Kuwait. They offer stores and attractions for the whole family, while travellers looking for gold jewellery in Kuwait should visit the Souq Al Mubarakiya in the city-centre.


  1. The Liberation Tower

It represents Kuwaiti liberation, the sure sign of the country’s resurgence. It is one of tallest telecommunication towers in the world. The tower is 372 meters in height, and is 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.

  1. The Kuwait Towers

These are the most famous landmarks of Kuwait. The Kuwait Towers are situated on the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman, promontory to east of City Center. The topmost sphere of the largest tower (187 meters in height), has a revolving observation area and a restaurant with access to high speed lifts. The middle tower comprises one million gallons of water.

  1. National Museum

The Museum, location in close proximity to the National Assemble, comprises four buildings and a planetarium. Though, stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders, it houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, the most comprehensive collections in the world

  1. Failaka Island

This beautiful island has only soldiers as its permanent residents, as it was once left devastated by the Gulf War. However, the visitors get to view the ruins from settlements of the Bronze Age Dilmuns and Hellenistic Greeks, who left many treasures from which, their past could be reconstructed.


  1. Entertainment City

The city is being managed by the KTEC, and is located f20kms away from the Kuwait City near Doha, on the northern side of Kuwait Bay. The complex provides a complete range of amusements based on the theme of "Arab World", "Future World", and "the International World".


  1. Science and Natural History Museum

The museum houses displays pertaining to natural places and history, petroleum industry, machinery, aviation, space and zoology, electronics and consist of a health hall and a planetarium. The museum is located on the Abdullah Mubarak street, and, is open both morning and evenings from Saturday to Wednesday.


  1. Kuwait Science Club

Is situated on the sixth Ring Road and comprise a wide range of facilities and the latest scientific hardware including the Aujairy Observatory. The club aims to create a casual environment for people of all ages to develop their scientific knowledge and hobbies.


  1. Liberation Monuments

Al-Qurain House, situated in the Qurain housing area, is a site of bloody battle between Iraq and Kuwait, just before liberation, now converted into a museum, dedicated to those who laid down their lives. Even the Iraqi tank, mounted on the Jahra Gate, around the end of Fahd Al-Salem Street is a reminder of the folly of the war.


  1. Sadu House

The roots of Kuwait are associated with both the desert and the sea. The Bedouins lived a life governed by the rhythm of seasons. Sadu weaving, characterized by geometric designs woven by hand with dyed, spun and coloured wool, is a traditional craft of major importance.


  1. The Scientific Center

This is the largest Aquarium to be built by the Kuwait Foundation in the Middle East for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). The visitors can focus on natural sea habitats, the coastal edges and desert of Arabian Peninsula, the motion picture of IMAX Theatre, and explore childhood skills in the Discovery Place, visit the Dhow Harbour, and relax at the Scientific Centre restaurant.


  1. The Tareq Rajab Museum

The Museum is a private collection of the Rajab family. The collection began during early 1950s and was open to general public during 1980. The Museum is divided into two sections. One deals with pottery, calligraphy, metalwork, wood, ivory, glass, and jade carvings of the Islamic world. Calligraphy is presented in a small room, showing picture from the Holy Quran.


  1. Mosques

Ras Salmiya's pyramid-shaped mosque and the Fatima Mosque in Abdullah Al-Salem are real examples of modern architecture. The Grand Mosque, opposite the Seif Palace, represents traditional Islamic styles built using modern technology, while also retaining the local Kuwaiti characteristics and the Islamic tradition of calligraphy.

  1. Amusement and Recreational Parks

The Kuwaiti public parks and boulevards depict the success of its government in molding the harsh desert environment of Kuwait. Most parks have amusement centers and children's play facilities.


  1. Municipal Gardens

The Municipality maintains various public gardens around the country. The most popular among them is in the Fahd Al-Salem Street. All gardens are designed well with naturally shaded areas.


  1. Zoological Park

Is located in the Omarrya on the Airport Road. The Kuwait Zoo is spread across 180,000 sq. meters of Parkland and houses about sixty five species of animals, 129 species of birds, five species of reptiles, apart from other animals such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, tigers and lions.


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Please send everything at and send CC to


 OR click on the link to apply online at


  1. Attached resume (CV)
  2. Copies of your degrees and relevant diplomas and/or certificate
  3. A copy of your passport (first page only to confirm your nationality)
  4. Letters of reference (optional at this stage)

CANDIDATE NAME :_______________________________________________

POSITION APPLIED :_______________________________________________

NATIONALITY :___________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH :__________________________________________________


Date Of Availability ________________________________________________

AGE :_____________________________________________________________

MARITAL STATUS :________________________________________________

CURRENT POSITION :______________________________________________

CURRENT LOCATION :_____________________________________________

QUALIFICATION :_________________________________________________

TOTAL YEARS EXPERIENCE:_______________________________________

NOTICE PERIOD :__________________________________________________

CURRENT SALARY :_______________________________________________

TELEPHONE NO.___________________________________________________

CELLPHONE .______________________________________________________

SKYPE ID__________________________________________________________



Dr. Christina Philips

Managing Director

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