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Multiple Teaching Vacancies in Oman

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Job Description

Multiple Teaching Vacancies in Oman

Multiple Teaching Vacancies in the United Arab Emirates and Oman

UAE MYP Chemistry/Physics (female)

UAE MYP/DP Science Biology/ESS (female)

UAE PYP Art Grades 1-4: (Male or Female)

UAE Secondary Female GS Principal (IB Experience preferred)

UAE MYP/DP SS: Business Economics (female) and Geography (female)

UAE MYP (IT) Design (female/male)

UAE MYP/DP English: Grades 11-12 (female/male)

UAE MYP/DP Environmental Systems/Biology Science: (Female)

UAE Guidance College and Career Counselor: Female

UAE Primary School Principal (IB Experience preferred)

UAE PYP KG School Vacancies (KG1-2)

UAE PYP Primary School Vacancies (G1-5)

UAE MYP/DP Math (female)

UAE MYP/DP Biological Sciences (female)

UAE MYP English (female)

UAE MYP Design Tech (female)

UAE Male/Female Mathematics

UAE Male/Female Physics

UAE Male/Female Lab Instructor (Ph)

UAE Male/Female Biology

UAE Female only PE

UAE Male/Female Applied Technology - M

UAE Female only Engineer, Workshop- M

UAE Female only ICT

UAE Male/Female Librarian

and Oman

Oman English Teacher

Oman Grade 1-5 Primary Teacher

Oman Mathematics Teacher

Oman P.E Female

Oman Gr 5, 6, 7 & 8 Science (gen)

Oman Gr 7, 8 & 9 Science (phy)

Oman Gr 9 - 12 ICT/BS (IGSCE)

Oman Gr 5 - 12 Eng Social St.

Oman Gr 5 - 12 Arabic/Beginner

Oman Gr 5 - 8 Islamic

Oman 3G/H English/Maths

Oman 3A/3B Ara/Isl/Ish

Oman 1A/1L Science

Oman Deputy Principal

Oman RA/RB English/Maths

Oman 1C/1D English/Maths

Oman 1E/1F English/Maths

Oman RA/RB, 1A-1F, 2A - 3C Science

Oman 1E, 1F Arabic

Oman 5A & 6A English/Eng SS/Sub

Oman 3A, 3B, 3C Arabic/Isl

Oman RA-RG, 1A-1H, 2A-2D MoE ACT/ Tajweed

Oman 2E, 2F English/Maths

Oman 2C, 2D Arabic/Islamic

Oman 2E, 2F Arabic/Islamic

Oman Grades 1 - 7 PE(male)

Apply with a full CV/resume to:


P.S please note teachers accreditation is a requirement

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