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English Teacher Seoul, Gyung gi do, Rural Area (All Korea)

JAK Co., Ltd. English Recruiting Teachers
Job Description

English Teacher Seoul, Gyung gi do, Rural Area (All Korea)

Hello. World!

My name is Yohan and I'm working in the recruiting department at JAK English.

Our compnay is the biggiest English teacher recruiting company in Korea South.( No North!)

We are always looking for potential English teachers from CA, USA, UK, NZ, AUS, SA

South Korea is a land of fortunes for English Teachers, because many schools and hagwons(Private after school) are opening these days

for education of global languages. Of course, right now is The Era of English. Therefore, we are happy to have many potential English teachers from Anglophne Countries.

For Young potential English Teacher, we know that you are fresh out from University, so we know that school loans are the first problems to solve. In Korea, most of school and hagwons, they provide Housing so you dont need to worry about looking for housing and Key money (Deposit system in Korea. It is usually almost 10 times of the monthly rent fee). Also, Airfares, some school give you one way (coming to Korea or going back to your country) and some give you round trip, so it depends on school or hagwon policy, it might be different but there are Airfares.

There are few things we should know about you.

1. Your current location

- To take VISA (E2) it takes few month, so if you are not in Korea, we need to prepare documents for VISA.

2. Your Desire Area and Aged Group to teach.

-We have many positions so if you categorize it will be easier for us to offer you many positions.

3.Must have Bachelor's Degree (minimum), and Clean Criminal Record Check.

-To Teach English in Korea as an English Teacher, Must have Bachelor's degree and no criminal record by the Law of Republic of Korea.

4.Skype or Kakaotalk

-This is an option to contact you ASAP, Email is important, but when we have a quick questions, we can communicate ASAP so can have more options for us (including you).

We are always open for you and wish to have a great apportunity.

Yohan P.

JAK Co., Ltd.



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