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Full-time, NATIVE English Instructor Position

Advantage English Sakae
Job Description

Full-time, NATIVE English Instructor Position

Full-time, NATIVE English Instructor Position Starting mid-late October, 2017 in Nagoya, Japan

Advantage English Sakae, needs to fill a full-time, NATIVE English instructor position starting mid-late October, 2017. Must be able to teach young children and adults.

Advantage English will provide sponsorship. One-year contracts are standard and renewable. All applicants must have a BA or higher. Do not apply if you do not have a four-year degree, at least. All applicants must be NATIVE speakers. If you have lived in a native English speaking country for a substantial amount of time as a child, you are still welcome to apply.

Start date: 
October 2017.

Competitive salary: 
Instructors are guaranteed from 240,000 to 270,000+yen per month (depending on qualifications and experience), working a max of 28 contact hours and only 7 non-contact hours. Instructors are able to qualify for overtime pay. Guaranteed salary is based genuine ESL experience and qualifications. Applicants will be informed of the probable rate only if contacted for follow up and interview. Contracts are renewable. Completion bonus for teachers who are asked back for another year. You do not need a TESL/TEFL or CELTA to apply but if you do have qualifications, they will be taken into account when determining your salary.

Working hours: 
Instructors who have fulfilled their weekly contact hour load are only required to be in the schools for their classes and for 7 non-contact hours per week. The schedule at Sakae school is blocked fairly well, Friday and Saturday are off around 6pm at this point.

Instructors are off on Monday and Sunday. As of now, the last class on Saturday finishes at 7:00pm. We are also closed on all national holidays. Instructors also have paid vacation during the summer and winter, standard geikaiwah style. All national holidays are paid off. Non-paid leave is available after 7 months.

Schedules include a wide mix, from babies to retired folks. The right applicant should be: personable, friendly, cheerful (even when having a bad day), responsible, patient, professional, dependable and kind. Negativism and pessimism are highly frowned upon. We are interested in teaching, first and foremost. We want to provide our students with the best possible teacher, lessons, and service. We hope to see results with all students. Teachers are expected to use the "Talk Advantage" method for kids and adults. Most classes are small with five students max. Training is provided and an experienced Advantage teacher will have the confidence and ability to teach anywhere in the world. (gTalk Advantageh experience is far more valuable than any ESL certificate, including CELTA. Experienced Advantage teachers have easily found work at other institutions in other countries just by doing a sample lesson. Our methods and techniques enable for the lowest TTT in the industry. Our teachers know how to keep students talking and how to teach them simple, native English.)

Work environment: 
Most classes are taught at Advantage English Sakae, conveniently located in the city. Sakae school is walking distance from downtown, situated on Central Park. Itfs a beautiful and affluent area and not as busy as hectic.

Available. No key money. Furnished apartment with wifi, less than 60,000 yen per month, walking distance from school. gMansionh style apartment with security. Great, single apartment. One month deposit but returned barring damage.

Advantage English Sakae is managed by Yuka a Japanese lady who speaks English well and is very accommodating and caring. Other teachers include Kathleen, Amelia, Claire, Rafael, Charles, Tim, Francis, Brad, etc.

Company culture: 
Teach with care. Look and be your best. Be independent but social. Accept constructive criticism. Be humble and always strive to be a better teacher and person. Stay informed of world events. Get along with everybody. Make the most of this opportunity. 
If youfre not interested in learning Japanese or about the culture and people, then please do not apply for this job.

Nagoya: Itfs a great place to live and work and centrally located in Japan. Itfs a big city and has everything Tokyo and Osaka have, but not as hectic and not as much. There is a vibrant expat community and great social life awaits the right applicant. We have many events and there is always something to do or an event to attend.

All applicants must supply the following to be considered for the position: 
1. Resume (should clearly include nationality and age) 
2. A recent picture and passport picture (one each) 
3. A letter of reference with accompanying contact information (at least one but the more the better) We check all references. 
4. A cover letter is not required but helps in separating yourself from the crowd. If you have no experience, but are still interested in becoming an ESL teacher, please provide a cover letter explaining why you want to come to Japan and teach at Advantage English Sakae.

Please check facebook for our school pages.

Please apply by email to:



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