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Seoul English Village in Suyu is hiring. Unique teaching experience for energetic teachers. APPLY NOW!

Seoul English Village
Job Description

Seoul English Village in Suyu is hiring. Unique teaching experience for energetic teachers. APPLY NOW!

Seoul English Village in Suyu is hiring in 2 different department. Check out the listings below.

What we do: 
Suyu English Village is looking for outgoing, energetic teachers who want to have fun in the classroom! 
Unlike academies or hagwons, our classes are situational and theme based, full of activities, games and crafts (NO TESTS, QUIZZES, OR BOOKS) to teach students through fun interactions and real situations using real English. 
Students come to us for their school field trips or as part of a weekend, summer or winter camp program. 
Our mission is to help those students associate English with fun instead of fear. To give students a positive experience with English instead of just pressure and test scores.

What you need: 
1) A bachelors degree in any discipline. Our diverse programs allow you to actually put what you studied to use in the classroom, or as part of developing our future programs! 
2) A passion for working with children and an outgoing personality in the classroom. Our lesson plan style relies on teachers having energy and being highly active in the classroom! 
3) To be flexible. We see hundreds of students a day and thousands in a month. Changes are common and with such a range in the age and English level of students, you’ll be kept on your toes! 
4) To be from the U.S.A, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. 
5) Have a TEFL or TESOL certificate (or be in the process of obtaining one before arrival). Can be offline or online

What we provide: 
1) Approximately 400,000 won in free benefits not provided by other schools, such as: 
a) free accommodation on campus (no commute) 
b) no bills, free laundry facilities, FREE WIFI and FREE MEALS three times a day! (as long as there are students on campus) 
2) Salary starting from 2.0 million won (may be higher depending on experience) + Severance pay after completion of contract 
3) Round trip flight to Korea! 
4) Standard benefits such as health insurance, pension, etc. 
5) Extra paid vacation days: 15 days to be used at any time + all Korean holidays.

How to apply: 
Send us an email at: 
With your photo, resume, copy of your passport, copy of your bachelors degree, TEFL certificate, and any other documents you might have!

See you soon!

Who are we? 
The after school Team of Seoul English Village Suyu Campus!

What are we looking for? 
We are looking for a reliable, passionate and fun teacher (full time) who enjoys working with children.

Job details: 
1. Class length: 40~50 mins (Only the adult class 50 mins) 
2. Students’ age: kindergarten through adult. (mostly elementary) 
3. Class size: 4-13 students in each class 
4. Working Hours: Monday to Friday 10.30 a.m. ~ 7.30 p.m. 
Working hours include teaching hours and class prep hours. 
The maximum number of classes is 7 times a day (average 25~30 per one week). 
Teaching Hours are as below. 
11.00~ 11.50a.m. 
Only Adult class 
2.30~3.10 p.m. 2.30~3.10 p.m. 
3.15 ~ 3.55 p.m. 3.15 ~ 3.55 p.m. 
4.10 ~ 4.50 p.m. 4.10 ~ 4.50 p.m. 
4.55~5.35 p.m. 4.55~5.35 p.m. 
5.50 ~ 6.30 p.m. 5.50 ~ 6.30 p.m. 
6.35 ~7.15 p.m. 6.35 ~7.15 p.m. 
5. Preparation: We provide necessary curriculum and content with various teaching materials and fully support the teachers to deliver quality education to students. Lesson plans and materials are provided for you, but it is the teacher’s responsibility to check those plans and materials ahead of time. 
6. Camp Program: We have some situational classes at the English Village two times a month. English Villages are a camp-based teaching environment where students participate in immersive situation-based classes (for example; Police Station, Hair Salon, Cooking Class, etc…) 
7. Teacher Training Program: If necessary, we can have a time for “Sharing Teaching Skills”.

1. Salary: From 2.0 ~ 2.2 Million won. (may be higher depending on qualifications and experience) 
2. Vacation: 15 days paid vacation. 
3. Insurance: 50/50 contribution to medical and pension 
4. Housing: On campus accommodation will be provided. Couple accommodation is available. Free internet and laundry facilities are provided. 
5. Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided while students are on campus. 
6. Airfare: Prepaid ticket to Korea will be provided. Upon completion of a one-year contract, a ticket home will be provided. 
7. Korean Classes: Half price Korean language lessons at YBM headquarters. 
8. Pension refund: available for Americans, Australians and Canadians. 
9. Severance: Upon completion of one year contract. (Equivalent to one month salary.)

Start Dates: 
1. Start Date: We have positions starting December 2017. Teachers will be required to arrive two or three days before their first scheduled work day.

1. Hold a valid passport from one of the following native English-speaking countries; USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and South Africa 
2. Have a minimum of a BA/BS degree in any field 
3. Photocopy of diploma – this must be apostille certified. 
4. National level criminal background check – this must be issued within 6 months and apostille certified. 
5. Self-assessed health statement – this must be accurate and truthful. 
A medical check at a designated hospital is required on arrival to Korea. Teachers may be deported if it is found their self-assessment was inaccurate or untruthful. 
6. Must be a native speaker of English 
7. Teachers with a completed TEFL or TESOL (and/or teaching experience) will be given priority in the hiring process.

To see our website visit:

For more information, contact Geoff Marcum at 
To apply send the following to the above email address: 
1. Resume 
2. Scanned copy of your passport information page 
3. Scanned copy of your diploma 
4. Teachers who have any previous teaching experience, must provide a reference letter and/or employment verification letter from their previous employer(s). 
*interviews will not be offered to applicants without the required documentation.

***Please put After school Team of SEV Suyu Camp 1 year position in the subject line of your email.***



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