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Teachers Needed in Surat Thani, Thailand - The City of Good People

Super English
Job Description

Teachers Needed in Surat Thani, Thailand - The City of Good People

“No joke, this is the best school to work for in South East Asia. In my 5 years teaching abroad, I wished all the schools I worked for would be like Super English.” – John Phelps, former SE Teacher

Super English Language School ( ) is looking for enthusiastic individuals to teach English, Math, and Science to the fun-loving children of Surat Thani starting in early May, 2018. The students are well behaved, intelligent, and eager to learn. The working environment is friendly, supportive, and relaxed. We give our teachers the time and space they need to develop at their own pace while offering support any time they want or need it. There is a Thai teaching assistant in every class.

These positions are tailored for those who enjoy being creative while teaching, are comfortable in a professional organization, like to laugh and have fun in the classroom, and are willing to work hard to make sure the students experience an enjoyable and productive time while learning.

To learn more about our school and Surat Thani, please visit our website:

To read more from our teachers, please visit their blog:

To read reviews about our program, please visit: -E645496.htm

The starting date for these positions is early May, 2018.

We offer: 
- 35,000 baht per month flat salary 
- 20-25 teaching hours per week (weekends off) 
- 20,000 baht for the holiday month of October 
- 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. workday 
- minimum amount of paperwork 
- one year contract 
- three week travel break in October 
- all national holidays paid, as well as a 1-2 week Christmas break 
- one and a half month travel break in March or April 
- all one year visas provided by the school 
- easy access to convenient and affordable housing 
- full training 
- full support throughout your entire contract 
- free Thai language lessons 
- monthly school sponsored fun event 
- comprehensive orientation

A successful applicant will have the following qualities: 
- hard-working, professional, and flexible 
- fun and out-going 
- patient, interested in learning, and open-minded 
- young at heart 
- enthusiastic

Most importantly, a successful applicant will have a genuine desire to teach English to the children of Surat Thani.

Due to requirements from the Surat Thani Ministry of Education, we can only accept applications from native English speakers who have a university degree.

To apply for this position, please send an email with your attached RESUME, CURRENT PHOTO, UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA SCAN, as well as RESPONSES to the questions below to

What experience have you had in teaching English?

What is your approach to teaching?

What experience have you had living and working in another country?

How do you respond to new experiences, environments and cultures?

What makes you want to live in Surat Thani?

How do you respond to changes in the workplace, such as new educational programs being introduced and teaching new students?

What are some of the things you would like to do in Thailand besides teach?

Have you traveled in Thailand before?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

When can you begin working with Super English?


Here are comments from our current teachers about their experiences with Super English:

“I’m currently finishing my fourth year with Super English working at Thidamaepra. It’s amazing how one year turns into many and I think that speaks volumes as to the overall experience working at Super English. Peter and the team have always gone out of their way to make sure all the administrative work is taken care of so I can fully focus my efforts on teaching and enjoying my time in Surat Thani. It’s been instrumental to my success and development to have this support and assistance. Super English has always gone above and beyond to help with teaching assistance, Thai language classes, social activities for the team, etc. I think that really sets us apart from other schools. Being so far away from home, it was very important to me to have a company who was there for me, helped me though bumps along the road, and fostered my personal / professional growth and development. Super English has worked tirelessly to make sure we have a great team and a positive working environment. That’s important as it translates over to the kids, which is the most important part! I’ve been blessed to work with my kids from grade three to grade six and Super English was fully supportive and encouraging of the bond I’ve formed with my students.

I’ve always felt like a part of the Surat community. Surat is a very warm and accessible city. Plenty to do around town and a new adventure is only a bus ride or ferry ride away to a new city, island, or town! To me, it’s offered a great way to integrate into Thai culture and feel like an active participant in town. It’s always cute when I’m out and about and I hear, “Teacher!!” with a smiling, bright face. I couldn’t imagine working for a different company in Thailand and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!" – Keith Mangan, fourth year SE teacher

“The decision to teach abroad was not an easy one for me to make. One reason for this is because life in North Dakota was quite comfortable and easy. I was able to live a life of routine and simplicity! But that kind of life gets a bit boring and mundane after a while. Hours turned into days, which then turned into weeks, and then into months… and before I knew it, a year had gone by and nothing in my life had changed. I needed an adventure. I needed to be uncomfortable. So what did I do? I decided to sign on to teach with Super English for a year!

Since then, my life has changed in so many ways. No day is the same. There are adventures around every corner! What I have found is that being uncomfortable opens up your pathway to so many more opportunities and adventures! All you have to do is make that decision to face your fears and tackle them head on, and trust me, once you do, you will be all that much more prepared to take on harder obstacles in your future.

I say that life here is uncomfortable at times. But I also feel more comfortable here than I have ever felt in any other place. Peter, the owner of Super English, and Jeab, his wife, have a huge part to do with me being comfortable in Thailand. Peter has been there for me from the first time I met him during my interview to just the other day when I saw him at our Super English Company dinner! He is quick to answer any questions I have about teaching. He’s supportive, kind, and he truly cares about his teachers. I had never taught in a school before coming to Thailand, so I was happy to hear that Super English would provide training. Peter’s hands-on training program really helped me understand the elements of teaching. 
There are so many pros to teaching with Super English. I will list a few here: 
• Generous salary. 
• Hands-on training program. 
• Monthly company dinner with all Super English teachers. 
• Support. 
• Peter handles all Visa and Passport paperwork! 
• Very well known in Surat City. 
• Many vacation days



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