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ESL Jobs in Ireland, Northern Teach English in Ireland, Northern

Teach English in Ireland, Northern

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, and covers 5,459 square miles (14,139 km˛) in the northeast of the island of Ireland, about a sixth of the total area of the island. It has a population of 1,685,000 (April 2001) — between a quarter and a third of the island's total population.

The Mid Ulster dialect of English spoken in Northern Ireland shows influence from both the West Midlands and Scotland, thereby giving it a distinct accent compared to Hiberno-English, along with the use of such Scots words as wee for 'little' and aye for 'yes'. Some jocularly call this dialect phonetically by the name Norn Iron. There are supposedly some minute differences in pronunciation between Protestants and Catholics, the best known of which is the name of the letter h, which Protestants tend to pronounce as "aitch", as in British English, and Catholics tend to pronounce as "haitch", as in Hiberno-English. However, geography is a much more important determinant of dialect than ethnic background. English is spoken as a first language by almost 100% of the Northern Irish population, though under the Good Friday Agreement, Irish and Ulster Scots (one of the dialects of the Scots language), sometimes known as Ullans, have recognition as "part of the cultural wealth of Northern Ireland"

There are alot of language schools catering for students of English, refugees, new migrants, etc. Also there seems to be a strong demand for private 1 on 1 tutors, Any teaching position in Northern Ireland of course will probably require you to be a native English speaker, with English teaching qualifications (preferably Ba or Ma of education) and a sufficient history of teaching English.

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