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Native ESL Teachers For Biggest University in the World PNU

Dr. Naseer
Job Description

Native ESL Teachers For Biggest University in the World PNU

Native English Teachers Required For Princess Nora Biggest University In The World Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Position 1#

English Language Teachers in The Biggest University In The World Princess Nora University - Saudi Arabia

We have a new and exciting opportunity teaching English to young female students at the Princess Nora University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We are carrying out telephone and Skype interviews now so please apply today.

This is a brand new all-female University with an excellent package on offer for the right candidates. You can browse the University website by clicking on:

They are looking for teachers to start at different times between now and January 2014. You will be joining a large team of female teachers who will stay on the 5 star accommodations at the University campus.

The job itself will entail 20 hours of classroom teaching per week as well as lesson preparation, curriculum development, mentoring and advising students, evaluating students work, marking of homework and class work, the reparation, administration and marking of placement, progress and achievement tests, attending staff meetings and workshops and playing a full and active part in the life of the university.

Excellent Remuneration Package

This position comes with a very generous salary and additional benefits.

• A Competitive Basic Tax Free Salary between 2700$ to 6000$ (depending on qualifications and experience)

• A brand new and FREE fully furnished apartment in a secure campus compound with all of the facilities that you could wish for. (Gym, Swimming pool, Satellite TV, Broadband, Household goods, Air-conditioning etc.)

• Transportation provided to and from school each day

• Comprehensive Health Coverage

• Sim-card, pocket money and “abaya” provided on arrival

• Holiday Airfare to and from Saudi Arabia

• One Month holiday entitlement per year as well as all Saudi public holidays

• Free shopping trips, 2 Days per week

• Free Adventure Trips on Weekends

• Visa & Sponsorship Paid

• Bonus at end of first year’s contract, contracts can be extended for further years

* Flight Allowances will be well paid

* Paid Leave

* Medical Insurance

*Possible annual salary increase based on performance

* Completion Contract Bonus Increments


You must be a fluent speaker of English and possess the following:-

• •BA / MA in English, Education, Linguistics or TESOL etc


• A graduate in any Field plus ESL Teaching Certification TESOL/CELTA/DELTA/TEFL (CELTA or TEFL qualification including a minimum of 120 hours of face to face study and 6 hours of observed teaching practice

Click on the youtube link https:// to watch " Princess Nora University"

http://www.youtub Ry4

and also click here

Living in Saudi Arabia & Teaching English

Friendly and welcoming, Saudi Arabia draws a large number of expatriates from around the world. The culture is relatively relaxed, and Saudi Arabia enjoy a diverse environment and a comfortable standard of living.

You will have great advantage of visiting in thePersian Gulf, Bahrain is a comparative “oasis of liberalism” among the conservative Muslim countries of the region. It's popular with travelers for its authentic "Arabness" but without the strict application of Islamic law upon its non-Muslim minority. Alcohol is readily available, attracting foreign residents of nearby Middle Eastern states. Bahrain is filled with extravagant hotels, ornate shopping plazas, and a large number of luxury tourist resorts. Plentiful oil resources throughout Bahrain have fueled a construction boom in recent years that shows no sign of slowing down.

Cost of living in Saudi Arabia

Living expenses vary by the individual, although most teachers are able to save a good portion of their monthly salary. Employment packages for teachers usually include generous benefits, which often extend to dependants as well. Furnished accommodation is routinely provided.

Things for teachers to do in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia a popular nighttime destination for visitors from its neighboring countries. Dining options include anything from Western fast food, to street stalls, to high-end restaurants. During the day, shopping is an extremely popular pastime. There are a number of shopping malls as well as markets.

Saudi Arabia Travel

Many travelers find Saudi Arabia an ideal mix of traditional Arab culture and Western-friendly attitudes. Residents of Saudi Arabia’s neighboring countries, such as Bahrain, often come to Saudi Arabia to relax socially.

1) Hike w/ the Hash

Most major cities around the world have Hash House Harriers (HHH), a group of hikers that get together and explore the local terrain. What makes Hashing in Saudi so special, is the differing landscapes of the desert. With the permission of authorities, it gives foreigners-only the opportunity to mingle freely, sans abaya (black cloak women wear), and build valuable contacts to make life in Riyadh much easier. The best part is stumbling across unique finds, like desert diamonds, hieroglyphics, or desert roses. To seal the memory, end your hike next to a campfire, feet in sand, watching the sunset.

2) Hamam at Direm Beauty Center

Basically, during Hamam, an old lady gives you the best bath of your life! You can find everyone from soon-to-be Saudi brides to curious expats getting this treatment done. It can be compared to the body scrubs of Turkey or the jjimjilbangs of South Korea. The entire treatment is done in a wet sauna, where the woman slathers you with mixtures of soap, oil, and mud. After she removes a layer of your DNA, you may find that you are a shade and a pound lighter. It’s an interesting experience that has you walking away with skin so soft and clean, as if you were just born yesterday.

3) Eat at Najd Village

If you want to experience what ancient Saudi Arabia was like, you must visit this restaurant! When you first walk in, the stone walls encase you like an old fortress. Simple rarities here, like the rich color patterns found in the painted doors, gold Arabic antiques, and plush green grass, are a joy to see. Every group is given a private eating room with wrap-around floor seating. The meal is started off with the traditional Saudi dates and tea. And then you are served huge dishes that meant to be shared. Here’s one of your few chances to try camel!.. Don’t forget your camera. This restaurant is a unique experience that you may want to capture.

5) Shop and Eat at Al Faisaliya Tower

If you’re looking for a fancy night out on the town, you must pay a visit to The Globe restaurant at the top of Al Faisaliya Tower. Here you can taste a variety of European meals, High Tea, and deserts, at a table that overlooks all of Riyadh. If this doesn’t fit your tastes, step over to Il Terrazo restaurant, an all-you-can eat Brazilian barbeque. This open-air, but misted, restaurant plays music (which is absent in most public places) and is a mixed gender zone. Once the sun sets, step out onto the observation deck for a 360 degree view of the city, with the desert in the background. Then walk off the food, in the expansive mall below.

National Museum: The National Museum as its name indicates gives one an excellent overview of the history and noteworthy sites of Saudi Arabia. If one can only visit one place while in Riyadh, the National Museum is the place. It is “one stop shopping.” If you visit the National Museum. It will make a lasting impression on teaching you about the history, traditions and culture of Saudi Arabia both past and present during your short visit to this museum. The museum is very well organized and structured. However anyone should check before just deciding to go to the museum as there are separate hours for men, women and families.

Al Mismak Castle: This is next door to the National Museum so easy to visit in conjunction with the museum. The castle is representative of the march and battles which led to the formation of Saudi Arabia as it is known today. The castle is well preservered and provides authentic glimpses into the life and history at the beginning of Saudi Arabia. Again, like the National Museum one should check on the hours due to the differing visiting times for men, woman and families. Admission to the castle is free of charge.

City of Old Ad’Diriyah: This is a short taxi ride heading out of Riyadh and is the founding home of the Al Saud family. The ruins remain although the area is slowly being renovated. It is a popular location for outdoor picnics and one can walk freely among the ruins. There are no separate timings for men, women and families.

Deira: Deira is a traditional souk located in walking distance of the National Museum and Mismak Castle. It is also in the same location as the infamous “Chop Chop Square” also known as “Clocktower Square” where public executions may be held. In Deira, everything is negotiable and here is where one can examine and purchase Saudi oud, spices, daggers, carpets, traditional dress and much much more! It is suggested that females have a head scarf handy since it is located near the Headquarters of the Muttawa who if seeing an uncovered woman, may approach and request that she cover her hair.

Camel Souk: Naturally when one thinks of Saudi Arabia it is to include oil, magic carpets, beudoins, desert, falcons and CAMELS! One of the world’s largest camel souks is located in Northern Riyadh. Any taxi driver or hotel concierge should know how to instruct/take one to this fascinating souk. Camels are brought from all over the Kingdom where they are bartered, sold and traded. And one will quickly realize that camels DO NOT come in one size and color but that there are many variations. There are no separate timings for men, women and families. This is a public souk and the “camel sellers” are quite accustomed to visitors from all over the world coming to this souk. Most have no objections to photos but it is prudent to ask first before taking.

Lastly, the weekend tour should also include visits to Al Memlika (Kingdom Mall) and Al Fasiliyah as contrasts from the tradtional souks. Al Memlika and Al Fasiliyah are among Riyadh’s most modern and elite shopping malls with exclusive designer haute coutre shops. In addition, one can travel to the skywalk at Al Memlika and get a birds eye view of Riyadh. It is worth going both during the day and at night for the view and photo opportunities. At Al Fasiliyah one can go to the Globe Restaurant where one also has an incredible view of Riyadh from high above.

Life in Saudi Arabia: Society

Despite aspiring to be a modern country in many respects, Saudi Arabia still has one of the most traditional societies in the world. Life in Saudi Arabia is governed by firm religious beliefs, rules and traditions, and expats living in Saudi Arabia have to get used to that as there is no way around it.

The traditions and attitudes of Saudi Arabia have been shaped by Islam as well as Bedouin culture. Thus, expats living in Saudi Arabia will discover that family bonds are still much stronger than in many other cultures, to an extent that they permeate all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia, even in the business world.

Living in Saudi Arabia: Culture

Cultural life in Saudi Arabia has to be in agreement with strict interpretations of the Quran. In practice, this means that the visual arts, for example, are limited to geometric, floral or abstract designs, as representations of human beings are forbidden. Although there are some cinemas in larger cities, relinquishing the joys of theater comes with the territory of life in Saudi Arabia for expats.

Music and dance form an important part of cultural life in Saudi Arabia, as does Bedouin poetry. Literature in Saudi Arabia in general is, however, kept in check by strict censorship rules. If a life in Saudi Arabia is planned for expats, they should be aware that, just as there is no freedom of religion, there is no real freedom of expression, either.

• Kindly send your CV with below requested documents and also fill in the information below and send at and send CC to

1. Attached resume (CV)

• 2. Copies of your degrees and relevant diplomas and/or certificates

• 3. A copy of your passport (first page only to confirm your nationality)

• 4. Letters of reference (optional at this stage)

• CANDIDATE NAME :_______________________________________________

• POSITION APPLIED :_______________________________________________

• NATIONALITY :___________________________________________________

• DATE OF BIRTH :__________________________________________________

*Male or Female

Date Of Availability ________________________________________________

• AGE :_____________________________________________________________

&b ull; MARITAL STATUS :________________________________________________

• CURRENT POSITION :______________________________________________

• CURRENT LOCATION :_____________________________________________

• QUALIFICATION :_________________________________________________

• TOTAL YEARS EXPERIENCE:_______________________________________

• NOTICE PERIOD :__________________________________________________

• CURRENT SALARY :_______________________________________________

• TELEPHONE NO.___________________________________________________

• CELLPHONE .______________________________________________________

• SKYPE ID__________________________________________________________

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