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Teach English to Adults and Kids in Nagoya!

Advantage English
Job Description

Teach English to Adults and Kids in Nagoya!


Advantage English in Nagoya, Japan, needs to fill full- time English instructor positions immediately to start in Spring 2014. At this time we are giving preference to North American, female and male instructors who have experience with all age groups. Of course we also welcome native speakers from other English speaking countries to apply.


Advantage English will provide sponsorship. One-year contracts are standard at AE and renewable. All applicants must have a BA or higher. Please do not apply if you are not a native speaker of English or possess a four year degree from an accredited university.


North American women who are eager (like to sing, are artistic, have child care experience, a nanny, etc.) to teach young kids (0-6) are encouraged to apply even with minimal or no experience.

Training will be provided regardless of experience.

All applicants should be: gentle with young children, fashionably and professionally

dressed at all times (you will be in the company of fashion conscious Japanese), well-mannered and polite, and extremely kind to students of all ages but especially to children and the elderly. General knowledge of world events also a must for adult classes.

Start date:

As soon as we find the perfect instructor.

The earlier the better and availability will be taken into consideration when making our decision. We are hiring for Spring 2014.

Competitive and career-minded salary:

Instructors are guaranteed from 240,000 to 280,000+yen per month (depending on qualifications and experience), working a max of 28 contact hours. Instructors are able to qualify for overtime pay. Guaranteed salary is based genuine ESL experience and qualifications. Applicants will be informed of the probable rate only if contacted for follow up and interview.

Working hours:

Instructors who have fulfilled their weekly contact hour load are only required to be in the schools for their classes. Instructors who are under the contact hours that make up their guaranteed salary will be required to work non-contact hours. (More information provided.) Advantage English is open from 9am-10pm but again instructors only need to be at the schools for their classes unless otherwise stated. Every instructor has a unique schedule. Even busy teachers however, have time in the day to pursue other interests as long as they don’t require leaving the city. Some days are busier than others.


Instructors are given one day off per week in addition to Sunday. We are closed on Sunday. We are also closed on all national holidays. Last year there were 16 national holidays. Instructors also have paid vacation during the summer O-bon for a week, and winter for a week. All national holidays are paid off.


Schedules include a wide mix, from babies to retired folks. The right applicant should be: personable, friendly, cheerful (even when having a bad day), responsible, patient, professional, dependable and kind. Negativism and pessimism are highly frowned upon. We are interested in teaching, first and foremost. We want to provide our students with the best possible teacher, lessons, and service. We hope to see results with all students. Teachers are expected to use the Advantage English method for kids and adults. Most classes are small with five students maximum. Training is provided and an experienced Advantage English teacher will have the confidence and ability to teach anywhere in the world.

Work environment:

Most classes are taught at the five Advantage English schools in Nagoya, conveniently located near the Higashiyama subway line, the main line of the city. Sometimes teachers are sent to a student’s house or to a place of business. All the schools are located in affluent neighborhoods with good air quality and many parks.


Single apartment, 55,000 per month furnished with necessities (minus futon), a minute away on foot from the subway station and 6 minutes away on foot from the main school. Great neighborhood with many shops, grocery stores and restaurants all in walking distance. No key money. Limited deposit and some returned barring damage.


As a place to live, Nagoya is often described as, 'sumiyasui', the literal meaning being, 'easy to live'. Even though it’s the third largest city in Japan, Nagoya sometimes feels like a medium sized city in the United States. The city roads are wide, apartments comfortable and the cost of living reasonable. It has everything that Tokyo and Osaka do, just not as hectic and expensive. Great skiing and snowboarding are just two hours away. You can get to Kyoto in 45 minutes by bullet train. Osaka is an hour away and Tokyo, just under two. There is a vibrant and active expat community in Nagoya.


Advantage English was founded by Raul Boggio (USA) in 1996 and

is run by Raul and Yoko Honda, a native of Nagoya. The current full-time instructors are from the USA and Canada (Steve, Claire, Kali, Brad, Hailey, Keeva, Laura, and Raul). There are around 10 part-timers. We are a social bunch and have many events and parties. We have a near zero turnover rate. We are selective and instructors tend to stay. This is a very fun school to work at and Raul and Yoko are supportive and caring. All efforts are made to work in harmony. Applicants are welcome to contact other teachers to inquire about Advantage English working environment!

Company culture:

Teach and treat your students with care. Look and be your best. Be independent but social. Accept constructive criticism. Be humble and always strive to be a better teacher and person. Stay positive and refrain from needless complaining. Work hard-play hard. Stay informed of world events.

If you’re not interested in learning Japanese and about the culture and people, then please do not apply for this job. If you already speak Japanese, great! We look forward to hearing from you.

Serious applicants include the following:

1. Resume

2. A recent picture and passport picture (one each)

3. A letter of reference with accompanying contact information (at least one but the more the better) We check all references.

4. A cover letter stating the reasons you would like to live in Japan, why you want to work at Advantage English and why you think you would be a good addition to our team of friendly, hardworking and professional teachers.

5. Include Skype ID and ideal time to be reached.

Contact Raul Boggio and Yoko Honda by email to: / advantage_english_japan @

Please browse our following sites in order to get a feel of our company culture. We’ve been busy lately so we haven’t been able to update them but nothing has changed. Events are common and a great social life awaits the right person!

Advantage blog with not so recent pictures...:

Check advantagevideo (very old):

Look for us on Facebook: https://アドバンテージイングリッ ュ-Advantage-English/48675776996

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