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[Direct-Hire] Looking for Gyopo teachers/developers in Bundang (Seoul)

7s English
Job Description

[Direct-Hire] Looking for Gyopo teachers/developers in Bundang (Seoul)


7s English is looking for native English teachers who are highly motivated, dedicated to children and teaching, and have a professional outlook.

[Why Work for 7s English]


1. Full curriculum program based on over 10 years of research on the US educational system and philosophies

2. In-house developed educational DVD materials, teaching methods, and assessment packages

3. A full-fledged book club library program, distinct from our class instruction program, yet designed to provide services that work in conjunction with regular classes and multiply the learning experience of our students

4. A step-by-step, segmented, and “level-ized” independent-study vocabulary program to supplement student vocabulary acquisition, from G0 to the US SAT

5. Two curriculums: Natural and Academic. A natural curriculum centered on Language Skills and an integrated approach to English language instruction. An academic curriculum with pinpointed material to accelerate growth in student weaknesses, particularly in grammar and usage


1. Continual investment into R&D to produce ever-evolving curriculum content and teaching tools

2. Vast content database to correctly assign foreign (English) material content to the appropriate English proficiency level of domestic (Korean) students

3. Potential development career track for employees interested in curriculum development.

Company Philosophies

1. Teaching: Our teaching philosophy is based on student-centered teaching. Elementary students do not learn effectively when we deliver lecture lessons, but rather learn best when we adapt our lessons based on their situations.

2. The key phrase at 7s English is "Risk Zero Education.” Other schools cater their curriculum and marketing toward the top 20% students. However, our philosophy is the opposite. Our curriculum is developed and catered toward all types of students, depending on their level. We believe that the best teachers, materials, methodology, and schools are the ones that can bring out the best in both the struggling student and the star student.

3. There are opportunities for internal advancement for employees with a passionate spirit, initiative, and drive. We want employees who will help nurture as well as grow with the company. While a good opportunity for candidates with a like mind, our company can be a stressful environment for teachers who do not want to become the best in what they do.

[Minimum Requirements]

The following minimum requirements must be met for a possibility of employment at our firm:

1. Proficient in spoken Korean

a. The candidate must be able to verbally express work-related information to colleagues. For example, the candidate must be able to discuss a student’s recent performance, weaknesses, and observations in class with their fellow co-teachers.

2. Currently residing in Korea

3. Must like working with children

[Ideal Candidates]

1. Korean-American or of similar background

2. Currently residing in the Seoul/Bundang area and available for an in-person interview

3. Career/Long-term oriented mindset

4. Available within one month

[Teacher Position Information]

1. Location: Sunae-dong, Bundang-gu, South Korea

2. Employment positions: Ongoing

3. Number of instructors on-site: 8

4. Start Date: Ongoing

5. Starting salary: 2.1 ~ 2.5 million won/month, dependent on qualifications.

6. Hours: Regular working hours are as follows:

a. 12:00PM to 9PM Monday and Friday

b. 12:00PM to 8:00PM Wednesday

c. 12:30PM to 10PM Tuesday and Thursday

There are 30 or less hours teaching a week, with an average of 25 hours teaching. Hours outside the class are spent on meals, class preparation, score management, meetings, and performing other education-related tasks. Note that there are two month-long sessions with displaced hours (summer and winter, ~10 to 7). The first classes start at 2:30.

7. Overtime payment: 25,000 won/a teaching hour beyond 30 hours teaching. Note: Overtime will not be required if not requested by instructor, except under extraordinary circumstances.

8. Students: Mostly elementary (Grade 1-6), some middle school (Grade 7-9)

9. Max Class Size: 12~15 dependent on skill/level

10. Orientation and fully paid training

11. Housing: Single furnished housing within a five minute walking distance to the institute or a housing allowance of 400,000 won

12. Vacation: All paid Korean national holidays & 10 days paid leave. Paid leave days are directed by the institute, with the majority falling in summer and winter.

13. Severance bonus at the end of contract (equivalent to one month's salary)

14. 50% National Medical Insurance and National Pension Plan given

15. E-2 VISA sponsorship if required

[Prerequisites For Communication]

Applicants without the required data or prepared documentation will receive lower priority in the hiring process:

0. The means by which you came to know about the position opening

1. Resume with GPA and SAT/ACT score (or equivalent) in Microsoft Word/Notepad format

2. Scanned passport-sized photo

3. Earliest available start date

4. Possessing all the proper documentation, especially a diploma and criminal record check with Apostille/Notarization


1. Cover letter

2. References

[Colleagues and Superiors]

Native Head Teacher: The teaching department head is Korean-American, has worked at the institute since its inception in 2007, and is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

Korean Head Teacher: The head Korean teacher has worked at the institute for over four years, is proficient in English, and is a graduate of Seoul National University.

CEO: The CEO is Korean, proficient in English, a graduate of Seoul National University, and worked for Fortune 500 multinational firms for over a decade.

[Contact Information]

*E-mail : job (at) cam365 (dot) com

*Web site:

*Contact Address :

#209, Koreana B/D, 7-5, Sunae-dong, Bundang-gu, Sungnam-City, Gyonggi-do, 463-825 South Korea

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