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Teach University and Adults in Korea!

Pagoda Academy
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Teach University and Adults in Korea!

Are you looking for a challenging and interesting job in South Korea? Are you looking for a way to bring your career in education to the next level? Then the Pagoda Education Group might just be right for you!

The Pagoda Education Group mission is to educate global leaders through student centered language learning. The unique programs that Pagoda has developed and offers include classes like conversational English for all levels, Business English, and Intensive College/Study Abroad known as Pagoda Intensive Program. Pagoda also values the more creative approach to learning and offers classes like Book Discussion, Creative Writing and Cultural Classes. Through this unique curriculum students have the opportunity to receive one of the best and most well-rounded English education the private English sector has to offer in Seoul and Busan, South Korea.

The Pagoda Education Group is not only great for students, it is also great for teachers who want to develop and expand their careers in ESL education. Pagoda holds education in high regard and requires that it's teachers do the same. Pagoda encourages and trains it's teachers to be the best teachers that they can be. Pagoda offers teachers the opportunity to work in different departments, at different levels of English, allowing teachers to develop the necessary skills to be a great ESL teacher for not only basic learners but also advance speakers. Pagoda provides teachers with a well developed curriculum but also gives teachers the freedom to develop their own material based on the courses goals and the students level and needs. Pagoda classes are small, ranging from 4 to 12 students. This allows teachers to develop meaningful relationships with students, thus having a significant influence on the students education. Teachers get to watch students grow, improve and develop their English skills that will help the student achieve their greater life goals.

When I entered the Pagoda Education Group I had hopes to become a great ESL teacher and to someday move on to the University education system here in South Korea. Through my hard work and dedication to Pagoda's system of education I have been able to achieve this goal. After three years of working at Pagoda, I felt that I had gained the necessary skills and confidence to apply to Gachon University. When I commenced working at Pagoda my resume was equipped with the necessary requirements to put me in the front running and eventually a job offer as an Assistant Professor. The work experience I gained from working with the Pagoda Education Group was a key part of achieving my goal here in Korea. I would like to strongly recommend Pagoda to teachers who are looking for a challenging yet rewarding work environment in one of the best cities in the world, Seoul, South Korea. I truly enjoyed my experience in the classroom interacting with students who truly cared about improving their English. The student's questions and enthusiasm pushed me further into my understanding of the English language and the students passion had me leaving the classroom everyday with huge smile!

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