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ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED NOW in low-cost TAIWAN! Taipei-area positions available!

HESS International Educational Organization
Job Description

ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED NOW in low-cost TAIWAN! Taipei-area positions available!

ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED NOW in low-cost TAIWAN! Taipei-area positions available! Free training, guaranteed hours, materials & benefits provided at reliable, international organization. Don't miss the opportunity! Apply online today!

Think the ESL market has dried up in Taiwan? Tired of not getting enough teaching hours? Not being paid on time? Want more support and opportunities for advancement? Want to live well and still save money while enjoying the sunny subtropics? Then we want to hear from you!

Be more than a teacher. Be an inspiration!

Choose a career that opens up a world of new cultures, unique people and wonderful travel opportunities.

Founded in 1983, HESS International Educational Organization is the largest and most recognized private language school in Taiwan. We employ more than 600 native English-speaking teachers in 180+ schools and have more than 30 years of experience looking after both new and experienced teachers just like you!

In addition to our competitive salary, HESS guarantees your teaching hours and awards annual student-return rate and contract-completion bonuses. You don't need teaching experience or a TEFL certificate (bachelor’s degree holders) to apply. In fact, after completing our free training program, you will earn your TEFL while getting paid for your practicum teaching!

HESS also offers free airport pick-up, paid hotel accommodation during training, and a comprehensive initial training before arriving at your school. In addition, new teachers are eligible to take advantage of an interest-free start-up loan of NT$30,000 (US$1,000)! After initial training is complete, new teachers will be offered housing/location assistance from the staff at their assigned branch.


--Guaranteed Teaching Hours: 20-25 per week minimum

--Student Age: 16 years and younger

--Typical Class Size: 20-25

--Curriculum and Lesson Plans Provided

--Taiwanese Co-teachers, Western Management

--Various Class Times and Locations Available

--“Smart Casual” Dress Code

--Free TEFL Training

--Hourly Pay of NT$580 With Regular Raises

--Flexible Vacation Days

--1-Month Annual Leave Between Contracts

--Student Retention Bonuses

--Contract Completion Bonuses

--National Healthcare and Alien Resident Certificate Provided

--Free Airport Pick-up, Hotel Stay, and Assistance Finding Housing


HESS is looking for serious and committed candidates who are patient, flexible, enthusiastic, energetic and personable. You should also have a good sense of humor and genuinely enjoy working with children. If you think you have what it takes, visit our website for more information and to apply online:


1. Native English speaker

2. Passport holder from USA, CAN, UK, IRE, SA, AUS or NZ

3. Bachelor's degree (any discipline) OR associate degree accompanied by a TEFL/TESOL certificate

4. One-year employment contract

5. Local-level criminal record check (only upon offer of employment)

6. Physically and mentally healthy

*Please note that these are the minimum requirements to apply for an English teaching position. There are no exceptions. Please do not apply if you do not meet these criteria.


1. FREE TEFL CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM: Teachers earn a HESS TEFL Certificate after completing our intensive, 120+ hour training program.

2. MATERIALS PROVIDED: We write our own professional, award-winning curricula with lesson plans made for you.

3. LOCATION OPTIONS: HESS has full-time positions island-wide, and we are able to accommodate couples and friends coming together.

4. SUPPORT AND JOB SECURITY: Train in a large group and make friends and find roommates. We'll help you organize your documents and find accommodation. All of our schools have a reliable Western management structure.

5. INTEREST-FREE START-UP LOAN: We offer a NT$30,000 (US$1,000) loan to help you get on your feet in Taiwan.

6. GUARANTEED HOURS: We guarantee a minimum number of hours above what most schools can offer (20-25 hours minimum per week, depending on contract) with opportunities to pick up extra classes or activities.

7. COMPETITIVE HOURLY PAY: NT$580/hour (US$19/hour) starting pay is complemented by NT$0-40/hour pay raises every year.

8. BONUSES: Your base pay is complimented by yearly contract-renewal bonuses after the first year and student return-rate bonuses (avg. around NT$10,000/year).

9. ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: We offer roles in curriculum writing, management, training, marketing, recruiting, multimedia and more!

(US$1 = NT$30 approx.)


Curricula and materials are provided for all classes, local co-teachers assist you in the classroom, and Western-style management structure provides ongoing living and teaching support. Successful teachers can choose to renew their yearly contracts or explore other opportunities for advancement (curriculum writing, management, training, marketing, recruiting, multimedia and more).

For those who are interested in learning the language, Mandarin training centers are easily accessible throughout the entire country! Many HESS teachers are also involved in other activities such as martial arts, cooking classes, yoga and much more! HESS offers a variety of teaching contracts and schedules to fit teachers' individual needs and preferences. We accept applications continuously for multiple start dates year-round.

Teaching overseas is an enriching experience that will make you stronger, wiser and more diverse as both a person and a professional. At the end of the day, job satisfaction comes from being good at what you do. HESS provides the best training, environment, and materials, empowering you to excel at teaching.

HESS also has bookstores, an award-winning educational research department and publishing company, an in-house training department, the HESS Educational Foundation, and branches in Singapore, Korea and China. These features enable us to offer a range of opportunities for advancement and diversification to successful teachers.


Located 160km (100 miles) from Mainland China and 580km (360 miles) northeast of Hong Kong, Taiwan straddles the Tropic of Cancer in the Pacific Ocean. Taiwan is the island home of 23 million people of mainly Han Chinese descent. Around 30,000 Westerners also live and work throughout Taiwan.

Taiwan is a thriving mosaic of ancient tradition, culture and high-tech development, a merging of Eastern and Western influences. In this fusion of the modern and the traditional, street markets sell fresh produce and vials of Chinese herbal remedies next to modern shopping malls and 24-hour supermarkets. Western-style bars and clubs share neighborhoods with traditional Chinese teahouses. Inland from the big cities, towns, rural villages and rice paddies are nestled below the majestic peaks of the central mountain range. Taiwan is exciting, convenient, interesting and affordable.


The best place to start your Asian adventure is on the HESS website. It provides detailed information about working with HESS and living abroad. From there, you can also access our online application form. Visit to find out more!

Apply online today! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

**HESS also has branches in SOUTH KOREA and MAINLAND CHINA!**

Candidates interested in teaching for HESS in Mainland China or South Korea can now apply via the online application form.

Thank you for your interest in HESS!

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