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Brilliant ESL jobs for single,couple, teaching in Taiwan, some have housing!

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Brilliant ESL jobs for single,couple, teaching in Taiwan, some have housing!

Brilliant ESL jobs for single,couple, teaching in Taiwan, some have housing!
Training teacher needed,Full,part time,subbing job in Taiwan
Free housing,scooter ESL job in Taiwan or more options

Please email us at

Enquire online: Talk to us on Skpye: esljobtaiwan
Please do enquire online and email us. Thank you so much!! Welcome to Taiwan! If you have a teacher's license,we can get you a better job in a regular school !
Email us your resume,smiley photo,full body photo,degree,passport so we can do our best to line up an ESL job for you before arriving.

We hire passport holders of US, Canada, UK, South Africa,Ireland, New Zealand, ,Australia or any native English speakers with degree to apply
We hire Asian American,Canadian teachers,too.
wellcome those with a BA.BS.BEd or a combination of 2 year college diploma, or associate degree and a TESL certificate.


Teaching in Si-jir area in Taipei
we offer 8-10 actual teaching hours a week
with an ARC teaching kids ,5-15 year old
Mon to Fri work mostly afternoon or evening
550-600NTD an hr
dress code-formal,no jeans;You can take a local train to Si-Ke train station
and get out of SiKe train station from the North exit to work


jobs in Taipei,Taoyuan, Hsinchu,Miaoli,Taichung,Changhua ,Yunlin,Chiayi city,Tainan,Kaohsiung,Pingtung areas

especially need 1 teaching in JhuNan town,Miaoli county.
JhuNan town is near Hsinchu city as well
because it's in the south of Hsinchu city; JhuNan has a train station,JhuNan train station so you can go to Hsinchu city to have fun in bars,malls; there are some small beaches near JhuNan where you can swim or surf;

At least 80 teaching hours a month
20000NTD airfare reimbursement.
540-600NTD per teaching hour
Mon to Fri afternoon-evening teaching
students of 7-12 or some adults.
We need one ASAP!
have an assistant in class
Work permirt,health insurance offered.
Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent
One-year job
5- day training
dress code- tie-shirt,pants(male)
No jeans

class size-15-20
set materials

monthly training for some Chinese or foreign teachers.
If you are good at training ESL teachers,sharing your teaching skills and contact us,
hourly pay:1100NTD

1-year job
The only job that offers housing here that you pay no rent,can save up much money!!! if you rent 1,it'll be 7000-8000NTD/month;
if you wanna save up money,come here,please
Teaching for 2 branches in Changhua county,Taiwan
One in Shi-Hu town 4 weekdays
the other in Erhlin town,2 weekdays.;
it takes you 20-30 minutes to commute by bus between 2 schools.

Working timetable
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2:00PM~9:00PM
Wednesday 12:30PM~8:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM~12:00PM

Free housing in Erhlin town is a one bedroom apartment with a shared,kitchen,living room,bathroom.
The free housing is near a supermarket,park,McDonald’s and buses available to Taichung or Taipei city;
We offer a free bicycle for you .
• we do have Japanese,western,Chinese restaurants here
Pay: 58000NTD/month ; If the teacher teaches well without any assistants in class after 3 months, the fourth, fifth and sixth monthly salary will be NT$59000; the seventh, eighth and ninth salary will be NT$60000; the tenth, eleventh and twelfth salary will be NT$61000.

we offer training,class observation
You have 25 actual teaching hrs/week,100 actual teaching hrs/month;
the rest of time at school is office hrs
----------- -----------
Job in Chiayi city
Daytime work with a stable ,friendly private school
we need 1 who loves to smile,enjoys teaching little kids patiently to teach 3-7 year old kids mostly,maybe teaching 7-12 too.
but most of time,teaching younger kids.
Pay: 57000NTD /month
1 year job,
Mon to Fri work only, from 8:30AM, lunch break time, 1-2 hour,
and teach till 4:30-5pm daily, actual teaching hours :25-30 actual teaching hours a week,
the rest of time at work is for preparing.
help you find housing to rent,help you get a work permit,provide teaching books,curriculum;
class size:15-20
dress code: no flip-flops,shorts;
you have an assistant in class
We need you to arrive in early or mid Jan to get orientation,observe
other teachers' teaching for 2 weeks and you'll take a Chinese New Year break from Jan 29.the formal start teaching date is Feb 22.
We can help you find housing to rent ASAP in 2-3 days

job in Chiayi city
We can hire 2-4 teachers at the same time! please come in early or by mid March
We hope to have someone who has some teaching background or majors in education.
We can hire 20-55 year old teachers who major in education or has good teaching background
so long as they have passion for teaching and decent attitude.Welcome retired public school teachers,too
we offer housing!! cool!!! near the school
very few offer housing while we do.if you are a couple,we can let you own 3 rooms,1 kitchen,mostly furnished,no roommates. if you are single,you may have roommates
You can save up at least NTD 7000-8000/month or more with free housing!
housing is well maintained,looks new
Teaching 3-10 year old kids;normally you finish at 6:30pm from Mon to Fri

1. The School operates from 8:30-12:00 and 2:00-8:40 PM Monday to Friday. Your teaching schedule will be arranged according to each day’s class schedule and the needs of School. Teaching hours are about 5-7 teaching hours per day, but not exceeding 30 hours per week. Teaching assignment and schedule will be arranged when you arrive at the School.
2. All teaching hours beyond 30 teaching hours per week, if you choose to accept them, will be paid as overtime at NT$550 per hour.
work permit,health insurance,teaching materials provided.
class size:20
as you teach little kids,you may have an assistant
1-year job

Part time work in Jhudong town,Hsinchu county
Fri 2:30-8:30 pm or Wed 1-7 pm,you can either teach Wed or Fr
600NTD an hour,teaching kids

teaching in Changhua city ASAP in 7-10 days!!Changhua city is near central Taiwan
Changhua city is 15 minute train ride to Taichung city
we need a friendly,responsible ,smiley teacher ASAP
to teach 80-100 actual teaching hours a month( we guarantee at least 80 actual teaching hours/month)

Mon to Fri 2-9pm teaching,the rest of the time at work is office hours
teaching 6-15 year old kids
work permit,materials ,training offered
pay: 550NTD / teaching hr to start
after 3 month work , a raise in the hourly pay
if you follow the contract,you may have a contract end bonus of NTD 10000
1-year job
we help you find a place to rent,within walking distance
class size:20

Teaching in Jhubei city,Hsinchu county,modern area;
We need a seasoned teacher who is friendly,hard-working,loves to greet people to start in early Feb to observe classes and get some orientation.
the 4-7 day orientation is unpaid; you can settle down in early Feb and take a break from
Feb 12-22 as it is Chinese New Year break
;after the Chinese New Year break,you can start teaching formally

we normally have 70 actual teaching hours/month or more;
70 is the minimum teaching hours a month;
550-600NTD per actual teaching hourly pay;
20000NTD contract end bonus
teaching 4-12 year old kids or do one-on-one tutoring;
if you teach well,you may have more tutoring
we have an assistant in class to assist you
work permit,teaching books,curriculum provided.

we can help you find housing to rent
Mon to Fri work, teaching between 1-9pm.
you need to prepare well to lesson plans well before classes start.
class size: 20
1 year contract

Teaching in Yangmei town,Taoyuan county
You can to to Taoyuan,Taipei city by trian from Yangmei train station, and take a 10 minute train to your free housing,1 bedroom apartment,
you do not need to pay for the rent

we guarantee at least 15-20 actual teaching hours a week
550NTD for actual teaching hour
or we can help you find housing to rent and you pay the rent close to our school
Mon to Fri afternoon-evening teaching and Sat morning;
we try not to let you teach Sat afternoon(it depends) if you prefer to have more teaching hours,you may teach Sat afternoon;
you need to arrive at the school 1 hour early before the 1st class to prepare
students of 6-15 year old
We need one ASAP!
You have an assistant in class likely(it depends)
Work permirt,health insurance offered.
Help you find housing
One-year job
10000NTD contract end bonus
dress code- tie-shirt,pants(male)
No jeans
Help you find housing
class size-15-20
set materials

teaching in ShaLu town,Taichung county,20-30 minute bus ride to Taichung city
At least 80 teaching hours a month
20000NTD contract end bonus and if we both renew for another year,10000NTD renewal bonus
540-600NTD per teaching hour
You teach 9:30-11:30AM teaching kindergarten kids, and take 2 hour break.
you prepare at 1:30pm and teach from 2-4pm on Mon,Wed,Fri
and you can teach 5-6pm on Tue and Fri and you can teach on Monday and Thu night;
you will have at least 80 actual teaching hours a month to have a stable job

students of 4-12 years old or some adults.
We need one ASAP!
You have an assistant in class
Work permirt,health insurance offered.
Help you find housing to rent,so you need to pay rent
One-year job
5- day ESL training if needed
dress code- tie-shirt,pants(male)
No jeans
Help you find housing
class size-15-20
set materials

This job has free housing! cool,saving up more money here!few offer housing
teaching in A-lian town,Kaohsiung county,
Kaohsiung is a major area in southern Taiwan.
You can go to Kaohsiung city to shop on weekends.
You teach 2 branches; you can take a 20-30 minute bus to the other branch
at least average 85 teaching hours a month.NTD550 per hour.
Except for two months of the year, the employer should offer average 85 hours per month for the teacher. If the hours less than that, the employer should reimburse the difference. However, the teaching hours less than 85 hours, due to the natural disaster、the student’s absence 、national holidays or whatever the teacher ’s own factors, the employer will not be responsible for it.
The year ‘s end bonus is at most NT$25,000 which will be evaluated by the employer, according to the teacher’s performance and the operating situation of the school.

Mon to Fri work 3:00--9:30PM
Sat work 9-12AM
hours include teaching,office hours
teaching 4-12 year old kids,
textbooks,curriculum,work permit,provided
class size:20

you get paid monthly
1 year contract
consider Asian American as well
job in Beipu town,Hsinchu county,
a scenic spot,traditional one.
If you like beautiful country life,please come

Pay:55000NTD a month
housing allowance:3000NTD a month; used scooter provided
morning from 9-11AM or so teaching kindergarten kids,3-6 years old.
afternoon,normally from 3-6 or 3-7pm,teaching 7-15 year old kids.
less than 100 actual teaching hours a month,
Mon to Fri work . you do not need to stay at school all day long so long as you do lesson plans well ,finish grading test paper,homework; you can go home during lunch break
- help you find a place to rent
-1 year job
- provide work permit,teaching materials.
an assistant in class as teaching kindergarten
subbing job in Taoyuan city,
2-9pm,teaching, at least 25 actual teaching hour a week,
Mon to Sat,550NTD per actual teaching hour from now till mid Feb
teaching in Jhudong town,Hsinchu county
teaching 4-12 year old kids
we offer a work permit,
hours:1:30-6pm,Mon to Fri. office hours and teaching
15 actual teaching hr/week
1 year contract
we can help you find a place to rent,you need to pay the rent
37500NTD plus 2500NTD a month if you do not miss any classes
so you can get NTD 40000 a month

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