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Gloria Benstead
Job Description


To teach regular courses at our HQ in Loja teaching children required hours would come from the below. Adult classes are also available. We also offer Cambridge ESOL courses too such as KET, PET and FCE.

3-4pm – 7-8 yr olds
4-5pm 9-11 yr olds
5-6pm 12-14 yr olds
6-7pm 15-17 yr olds
7-9pm and 9-11am adults

Curriculum: Following course books teaching grammar, listening, speaking, writing, use of english

Loja is the HQ and we have around 600 students studying here in the down town school we have a further 200 students that study Cambridge ESOL syllabus.

In the HQ we teach all ages and grades from age 4 until … there is no age limit. Each class is an hour except for adults which is 2 hours daily Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we teach 9am until 12.

Loja: 160k inhabitants. Loja is the city of music and culture and one of the friendliest cities I know. 30 mins away is Vilcabamba and Malacatos. Vilcabamba is a haven for retirees and foreigners in general. It is called the Village of Long Life, some of its inhabitants are over 100 years old and its known for its healing springs. There are lots of museums etc, bars, restaurants. Its not a noisy city though. Not sure if this website is any good but you could check it out o

Climate: Around 25-30 degrees C. However, being in the mountains it seems hotter. It can be cool in the mornings/evenings so a jacket, a couple of sweaters are advisable.

Salary is $5 an hour and is paid every 2 weeks. You can cash at any bank here. Most teachers are on around 5 hours+ a day.

Visa: We suggest you come on a 6 month consulate visa 12-IX and if you decide to stay a further 6 months we will fund that for you. We will obtain and pay for a volunteer visa for you.

How to get here: You can enter perfectly well on a one way ticket into Ecuador, should you wish. The Ecuadorians are pretty lax and never really ask questions.

How to get to Ecuador and Loja: From Quito or Guayaquil its currently a bus ride since they are renovating the local airport.

Accommodation:With respect to accommodation here in Loja we have a designated building with suites available with own bathroom and kitchen at $125 and includes your utilities. This is within walking distance of the school.

Start date: Immediate

Next steps: Send resume and photo

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