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high pay teaching positions in Saudi Arabia

Job Description

high pay teaching positions in Saudi Arabia

a) Position: ESOL Instructor.

b) Place of Employment: Riyadh

c) Basic Salary:

BA. in applied linguistics ,Tesol or Tefel

From 10000 SR-11400 SR per month

BA in any felid +Tefl ,Tesol or Celta

Ma in applied linguistics ,Tesol or Tefel

From 11500 SR-13500SR per month

d) Duration of Contract: 12 Months, of which eleven shall be spent on the job and the last shall be annual leave with fully paid up Salary.

e) Working Hours: Total work Hours shall be (40) per week of which (25) Hours shall be the affective teaching and shall not exceed (30) Hours. For hourly Wages calculation (48) Hours per week bench mark shall be implemented in accordance to the KSA Labor Regulations.

f) Work Week: Saturday thru Wednesday, daily schedule shall be effective from 0800 Hrs to 1600 Hrs at the Preparatory Year Projects and split shift from 0800Hrs to 1200 Hrs and 1700Hrs to 2100Hrs at the Academy.

g) Public Holidays: Entitled to fully paid Public Holidays.

h) Housing Package: Free Furnished Accommodation .

i) Health Cover: Comprehensive Health Insurance for you the Candidate only.

j) Commuting: Economy Class Air Fare for initial inbound travel to Saudi Arabia, return passage for annual leave and Company provides the transportation to and from the work site.

k) Start Date September 2012

l)Visa: We will offer temporary visa

m) Nationality: They must be native speakers (USA-UK-SOUTH AFRICA-NEZELAND-AUSTRILIA-CANADA)

The contract of employment could be terminated on the employee part upon serving a two months notice while the Company reserves the right to serve a one month severance warning. The first three months shall be a probationary period for you with the Company reserving the right to terminate your services as a consequence of events that decry such action.

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