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Native Speaker Mentoring Programme - Teachers Needed

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Native Speaker Mentoring Programme - Teachers Needed


SMR HR Group has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Malaysian Ministry of Education Native Speaker Mentoring Programme from January 2011 to its conclusion in September 2013. A vast majority of the mentors returned to continue the project but due to unforeseen circumstances some have had to leave prior to fulfilling their contract. We are therefore looking for a small number of replacements who have Primary School teaching experience and appropriate qualifications in EFL/ESL to continue the work until the contract conclusion in September 2015. Please contact for further information.


The Malaysian Ministry of Education is determined to improve the level of English competency amongst its population and has initiated a programme where Teachers of English who have native English competency will work alongside Malaysian teachers to help them with methodology and to improve their personal language ability.

This is being achieved by trainers being allocated responsibility for five schools located close to each other. They work alongside the teachers who teach English to Primary 1, 2 and 3 classes. In Malaysia children start Primary 1 at 7 years of age. Some children may have had exposure to English in Kindergarten, but many, particularly in rural areas may not have had that opportunity.

All trainers monitor teachers, help with methodology and conduct training sessions to teach communicative language to the children. In addition they also help the teachers improve their personal communication skills and increase their confidence in using English.

This will be a short term project which will be completed on 30th September 2015.

All trainers are provided with templates of training materials which they can share with the primary school teachers. Examples of subjects covered are storytelling, flash cards, phonics, functional language, grammar in context etc. There will be much professional support as 80% of the mentors on the project are returning and will be available to give professional support to new personnel.

Beyond September 2015

At this stage it is impossible for us to predict if the project will be extended beyond this date. We are, however, optimistic that if this particular project is not extended that other similar projects will be available directly after or usually starting in January 2016. I can only assure that I have been in Malaysia for over 12 years and there has always been some sort of Government Project which has a necessity for a large number of Foreign English Language teacher / trainers and I do not envisage this situation changing in the near future. It would be unethical and unprofessional for us to make any false promises about continuation, but the company has already been offered a similar contract to this one which is running parallel and once again, we are optimistic of some form of continuity.


If you are interested in applying for this position please send a resume along with a photograph of yourself that was taken in the last six months. Applications will be assessed and short-listed candidates will be contacted by e-mail and a subsequent interview will be arranged using Skype.

It is important that in your resume you give prominence to teaching experience you have had with young children, stating ages, class sizes, subjects taught, methodology used and any other information that would demonstrate your skills and experience at teaching young children and mentoring / training teachers. Applicants should please note that experience of teaching young children is an essential criteria for this position. The vast majority of former applicants were turned down mainly because they failed to demonstrate this essential requirement.

This is a wonderful opportunity for trained teachers to hone their mentoring and coaching skills with teachers in Malaysia. It is an ideal environment to contribute and also learn and grow in your personal abilities as there is so much to learn from the Malaysian teachers that you will be working with. This project is much more about sharing and caring than conveying academic principles.


Minimum age requirement is 28 (immigration department requirement)

Maximum age 60 (we are unable to get health insurance for new applicants over 60).

All applicants should be in possession of a full car driving licence. (If possible an International Licence is desireable)

Native speaker competence in English (This does not preclude applicants whose first language is not English) – Applicants may be required to take an assessment test relating to their level of English

First Degree (in any subject though English or ESL qualifications preferred)

At least three years teaching experience. The majority of which should be with Primary Children. Preference will be given to candidates who have a primary teaching background and those who have overseas experience

CELTA or equivalent ESL/EFL teaching qualification


All will be expected to pay local income tax. Salaries will be allocated as follows:

From RM8,000 (approx US$2400) to RM10,000 (approx US$3000) depending upon qualifications and experience.

In addition mentors will receive:

1. A monthly allowance of RM1500 to help offset the expenses such as accommodation, petrol, telephone and laptop.

2. The use of a company car. Servicing of the car will be the responsibility of the mentor, but mechanical maintenance will be paid for by the company.

3. A one off settling in allowance of RM4000 to help with initial arrival costs.

4. Return air fares for mentor and spouse (on completion of full contract).

5. A contract completion bonus of 10% of the salary paid, up to completion of the contract in September 2015, or pro-rata of RM20,000 for candidates joining the project after January 2014 – whichever is the highest.

6. Comprehensive medical insurance plan that covers routine doctors visits to hospitalization. (Dental, Pregnancy, eyeglasses and Mental health issues excluded).

7. The company will also arrange visa and immigration requirements for the mentor and assist in obtaining appropriate visas for spouse and family.


All applications will be acknowledged and potential candidates will be invited to be interviewed by one or more of the management team. The names of successful candidates are forwarded to the Ministry of Education staff for approval and once received mentors can be offered a contract immediately. This process may take a few weeks, depending upon the response time from the Ministry of Education.

For further information or just to send your resume, please contact the following email addresse: Previous applicants are welcome to apply again

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