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West Coast Incheon and heart of Korea Daegu city positions

YBM Head Office
Job Description

West Coast Incheon and heart of Korea Daegu city positions

West Coast Incheon and heart of Korea Daegu city positions with established curriculum at YBM Company owned schools with roundtrip Air tickets

Korea’s largest and most reputable ESL organization established since 1961 fully guarantees the employment contract/benefits at our company owned branches. Choose the most attractive popular locations in Prime/Central locations in Korea with Pre-Paid Air, 100% Job Stability + All Benefits required by Korean law.

Bypass recruiting agencies dealing directly with YBM Head Office for Honest & Professional processing. Applicants can choose multiple locations with just one application dealing with the YBM Head Office.

YBM company owned schools are located only in prime locations of the most successful neighborhoods in South Korea. This means that all amenities one would need would not only be nearby the school it also means the school and housing to be close to subway stations or other major transportation hubs providing the convenience of travelling to other regions within the city.

Reasons why applicants voted YBM as the best employer

- Comprehensive established curriculum at each YBM Program

- Fully guaranteed monthly salary not hourly rate or contingent based

- Furnished, single housing near the school or no-housing option with allowance

- Teach from Monday to Friday (no Saturday classes)

- 26 teaching hours per week or less; fewer hours than the average contract in Korea

- Avoid wide split-shift schedule (working mornings and evenings) from teaching adults

- Guaranteed contracts; you will always be paid on time and in full by the YBM Head Office

- Prepaid air tickets, not reimbursed, from the nearest major home city of prospective teachers.

- Relocation allowance 200,000 won to qualified applicants

- Visa Fee subsidy or reimbursement

- Korean National Medical Insurance compliance

- Compliance with Korean pension tax system (qualified applicants receive lump sum refunds)

- Year-end completion bonus/severance (one extra month’s salary)

- Vacation days (at least 9-10 days plus all Korean National holidays)

- Paid Orientation and training


For applicants who do not have previous teaching experience YBM’s ECC program provides orientation, training and support for new teachers wishing to have a solid foundation to became a successful ESL teacher in Korea as well as teachers in Korea who are keen to work at well-established programs with set curriculums.

YBM ECC program also offers out bound air tickets to applicants who complete the 12 month contract which is becoming less common these days with other organizations.

YBM ECC positions for April 1st first day of teaching with orientation prior to these dates.

Daegu ECC (1 min walk to Sinmae Station line 2) Located near the Sinmae subway station, of Suseong-gu, one of Daegu’s most affluent areas. This location is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Instructors at this location also have access to all the amenities they would need such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and stores for shopping. It is an ideal choice for those who want to live in a modern city that has carefully been developed with nature in mind. Daegu is also known for its friendly foreign community being very welcoming and well established.


Suse ong ECC (near Beomeo Station) Located in Gisan-dong in Daegu’s Suseong district: the most affluent and popular area of Daegu. This area is filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, bars, and places to relax. Instructors at Suseong can also easily get to the famous Dongseongno area, also known as “The Hippest Drag in Daegu.” Here you will be able to meet other English teachers are as well as mingle with the local Koreans.


Song do ECC (5 min walk to Campus Town Station Incheon) Songdo is considered Korea’s most High-tech City. Here you have access to all the amenities you seek and more in this newly developed area. Instructors at Songdo ECC are also provided with the best housing offered with the YBM program. (The newly built POSCO high-rise officetels) Connected to Seoul by subway and bus, instructors at this location love the fact that they are near the water, near Seoul, and in a modern and clean city.

Visit to learn more about the schools and about the ECC program.

Start Date: March 4th and April 1st with prior orientation before first day of teaching

Teaching Hours: Start at 9:30 am -10:30 am & finish between 5:00-7:00 pm Mon to Fri

Salary: 2.0 to 2.4 million KRW per month (26,000,000 ~ 31,200,000 KRW per year incl. severance)

Housing: Provided housing near the school

Benefits: Severance pay, vacation days + all national holidays off

Korean Pension and Health Insurance: Fully comply with this regulation

Air Tickets: Coming to Korea and outbound flight tickets for the ECC program

*For more information regarding YBM ECC program, please visit


- A Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland.

- Qualifications for the E2 Visa – Apostilled Bachelor’s Degree and Apostilled Criminal background or already in Korea with the E2 visa. F4 visa applicants will also need to have the documents to be registered with the education office.

How to Apply:

Qualifying applicants should submit a cover email, resume, and a recent photo targeting the locations they are most keen and qualified for. Also, please indicate the status of your E2 visa documents or e-mail them over if you have them in order. Those already in Korea with the E2 visa only need to email over ARC card (front and back)

Danny J. Kim

HR Manager

YBM Head Office


What to expect: Applicants will be contacted by the YBM head office to discuss details of the locations applicants are most keen to proceed with.

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