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Have you ever thought about teaching English abroad? Positions in South Korea

Midwest Education Group
Job Description

Have you ever thought about teaching English abroad? Positions in South Korea

I've been teaching English as a Second Language for 7 years and now I am also helping to recruit interested individuals to teach English throughout China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. I may also be able to offer you advice about teaching in other countries as well. I work with partner companies to deliver your information directly to schools and offer support along the way. You can also find an abundance of free information about teaching abroad on my blog at

If you are interested, please send the following information to

-update resume/cv

-recent photo

-copy of passport

-location preference

-teaching age preference

-copy of TEFL, TESOL or CELTA if you have one

There currently are not enough teachers to fill all of the positions available in China at the moment. China is expected to need upwards to 100,000 Western English Teachers by 2015

Pay and Benefits

-$800 to $2400 per month depending on experience, education and location.

-A Free furnished apartment or a housing allowance provided by your school


-A significantly lower cost of live compared to Western Countries.


-A university degree is preferred, but there are positions for those who do not have one.

-A TESOL or TEFL certificate. Midwest Education Group does offer a low cost, yet fully accredited TESOL course that is recognized throughout Asia.

-A citizen of the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Some exceptionsmay be made for citizens of other countries.

-A desire to live in another country and embrace another culture

-A team player

-Between the ages of 19 to 60 years of age

You can also find out about teaching in other countries as well through my personal blog at

There is still a large demand for teachers in South Korea. Are you interested in teaching in South Korea, but don't know where to start or who to trust? Let me help you. I can help facilitate the process at no charge to you by introducing you to the right recruiters that are kind, people friendly and take the time to answer your questions.

If you are interested in teaching English in South Korea, please send your resume, recent photo and copy of passport to

Expectations for first year teachers in South Korea

-monthly salary between $2,000 to $2,200 per month

-free and furnished housing

-paid airfare

-healthcare (50% paid by company)

-paid holidays and vacation (total 4 to 6 weeks)

-contract completion bonus

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Keep in mind that Saudi schools have very strict standards, but I will be needing a lot of teachers for programs there in the near future. However, most schools require at least 2 to 4 years experience, TEFL, TESOL and degree in English,Linguistics, TESOL and so on. If you are interested in teaching in Saudi Arabia, please send me your information and I will contact you positions open up next month with more information.

Why teach English abroad?

1. See the world! It's a beautiful place.

2. There are chances to act and gain and find work abroad

3. Teaching English can lead to another job

4. Learn a language!

5. Grow as a person

6. Meet interesting people!

7. Save some money.

Again, email at and check out my honest articles about teaching abroad at

Feel free to share my articles on facebook and twitter!

Check out my latest article on the best places to teach English abroad at ach-english-in-2015/

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