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Paid Teaching Jobs - Teach English (TEFL) Abroad - over 100 positions available!

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Paid Teaching Jobs - Teach English (TEFL) Abroad - over 100 positions available!

Teach English (TEFL) in one of these countries we currently have on offer:



Costa Rica



Summary of TEFL Heaven Programs:

When you arrive in the new country you will start with intensive face-to-face TEFL training (teaching English as a foreign language). This can last between 2-4 weeks, depending on the program.

After training you will launch into a guaranteed teaching job for 6-12 months. In each of the countries you are paid the market rate for a teacher and in some countries this is well above the average salary. You will have plenty to cash to live well and have fun!

Get Used to the Country and Teaching English Before Diving into a Job:

Training is normally done with like-minded peers in a paradise beach or island. The support and friendship you get from your fellow peers and staff makes teaching abroad a soft landing before you have to get down to a real teaching job. This is why every year TEFL Heaven send around 150 people to start their careers teaching English!

Face-to-face training will bring you confidence no online TEFL course alone ever would! Teaching cannot be learned through an online method, you need to actually practice teaching!

Take a Short Experience or Kick Start Your Teaching Career:

Have a short 6 months getting paid to teach abroad, or teach for as long as you want. Many people are on their 4th and 5th years teaching abroad through our programs. Use your TEFL certificate to get a job in another country afterwards. Apply for a full teaching program in your home country with your experience teaching abroad.

Eligibility and How to Apply:

All you need is a bachelors degree and enthusiasm to apply! You also need to be native English.

For more details of the TEFL Heaven programs and how to apply, please go to:

To read reviews about our Thailand programs, go to: nships-thailand/prod_138.html /thailand/experience-teaching-abroad/31446

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