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Couple job, single jobs are available all over South Korea!

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Couple job, single jobs are available all over South Korea!

Are you looking for jobs, but have not found one yet? Are you looking for jobs through highly experienced recruiters?

We can guarantee you a professional service. We are posting some of our jobs here, and if you are interested in, please send in your resume/photo to

job#: 150119 : two jobs here; open to a couple

1. School address? Kyoungbuk Province, Kyoungju city (about 1.5 hours drive north of Busan city)

2. foreign teachers? 2

3. Available? March 01st

4. Student age? Elementary - middle

5. Class size? 10-12

6. Teaching hours (class schedules please)? Details 2:00pm – 10:00pm

break: 5 or 10mins

1 class: 35mins

7. Saturday class? no

8. Salary range? 2.2 million Korean Won per month

9. Health insurance coverage? yes, it will be covered (full coverage) sharing the premium 50%/50%.

10. Description of accommodation? how big it is? how many bedroom? photos available?

Two- bedroom apartment (for a couple teacher)

11. Air ticket? covered

12. Vacation? 10days

13. Other info? Bonus, a month salary on completion of the contract.


Job#: 15011201 : two positons here; open to couple or two individual teachers wanted.

1. Private Academy

2. Location : Iksan city, Jeolabukdo Province (about 60 kilometers away from Daejeon metro city)

3. Starting Date : Early March

4. Class Level : kindies ~ middle (high school prep)

5. Salary : 2.3 Million Won

6. Overtime :available during certain seasons and its rate is 25,000 per hour

7. Class Time : 50 minutes / class

8. Teaching Hours : 7 50 min. class per day

9. Work Schedule : 8am to 21pm (8am to 10am / break/ 4:30pm to 8:30pm)

10. Students/Class : around 10

11. Work Days : Mon-Fri

12. Housing : A furnished single studio (and the academy will cover monthly rent, which is 300,000 Korean Won, and te teacher will bear other utility costs: telephone, hydro, electricity etc)

13. Vacation : 10 days / year

14. Benefits

- Air Ticket (one way ticket will be provided on completion of the contract successfully.)

- Health Insurance ( Share / 50:50 )

-National Pension (share: 50/50, and teacher claims 100%)

- Severance Pay ( equal to 1month's salary upon completion of 1year contract )


Job#:1512151 : two positions here: only individual teachers wanted (not couple)

1. Language Academy (away teaching at a public elem. school and teaching at an employer's academy)

2. # of foreign teachers? 5

3. Daily teaching amount? basic required amount is 4 hours, and any hours taught beyond 4 hours will be considered overtime, and compensated.

4. Students ages? elementary school kids up to adults

5. What to teach? conversational English

6. monthly pay? Based on 4 hour teaching (daily), your basic pay is 2 million Korean Won per month. NOTE: 20,000 Korean Won per overtime teaching (per hour, and hour means 60 min.)

8. Position starts? March 1st, and the deadline of resume receipt: end of Dec. NOTE: If program starts in Jan, or Feb, can teach but on hourly agreement.

9. airfare subsidy? not disclosed

10. Health insurance? provided

11. housing provided? yes

12. Year end Bonus (on completion of contract)? 2 million Korean Won (before tax)

13. position start? in the middle of Feb

NOTE: an ideal candidates will be who love children / who can bring lots of smiles/ who can draw their attentions / who have positive attitude...

Please send your resume including photo (professional looking photo please), degree photocopy, and TEFL certificate(if available)

Preference will be given to F-4 visa, F-5 visa holders.


Job #:1512072 (single position)

1. Private Academy

2. Location : Jinju city, Gyungsangnamdo Province

3. Starting Date : 15th- February

4. Class Level : elementary (grade 3) ~ middle (high school prep)

5. Salary : 2.2 Million Won (NOTE: overtime rate: 20,000 Korean Won/ hr)

6. Overtime :not certain

7. Class Time : not disclosed

8. Teaching Hours : 6 hours per day

9. Work Schedule : 2:30 p.m. ~ 9:30(10:10) p.m. (subject to change)

10. Students/Class :average 10 / class

11. Work Days : Mon-Fri

12. Housing : A furnished single studio

13. Vacation : 10 days / year

14. Benefits

- Air Tickets (round trip airline ticket will be covered by the school only for a successful contract completion)

- Health Insurance ( Share / 50:50 )

- Severance Pay ( equal to 1month's salary upon completion of 1year contract )

we have more that are not posted here. I look forward to hearing from you with your resumes/photos.

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