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Vacancies: Petaling Jaya (about 15 km from Kuala Lumpur)

The City University College of Science, and Technology
Job Description

Vacancies: Petaling Jaya (about 15 km from Kuala Lumpur)


The City University College of Science, and Technology in Petaling Jaya (about 15 km from Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia.

Attached herewith is the list of vacancies at City University College:


A. Deputy Dean

No. Faculty/Program Vacancies Status

1 Business 1 Replacement


To provide academic leadership and program management of School.


1. Leadership

a. Provide strategic direction for short, mid and long term.

b. Develop teamwork and maintain harmony and conducive atmosphere at the School level.

2. Planning of School Operations

Which includes among others, course offering, time table, resources, and manpower that academic activities can be conducted effectively.

3. Organisation of Academic Operation (Execution)

a. Planning for, supervise and monitor staffing, resources, time table, exam and any other academic operational matters at the School level.

b. Conduct school meeting, implement and monitor the progress of decision made.

c. Deliver results, actions and tasks assigned on due date.

4. Programme Development

a. To assist the Dean by providing inputs and suggestions in the review of the School’s existing programmes.

b. To assist the Dean by providing inputs and suggestions in the development of new programmes.

c. To assist the Dean by providing inputs and suggestions in the accreditation of school programmes.

5. Teaching and Facilitation:

a. To teach subjects allocated by the management.

b. To be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the subjects assigned. The responsibilities of an SME includes:

i. Preparing a study guide for the module.

ii. Setting the Assignment questions (to be ready before the start of a semester).

iii. Setting the Final Exam Questions and provide an appropriate answer and marking schemes.

iv. To prepare questions for quizzes or any continuous assessment tests if such are planned and required.

6. Others.

a. To provide appropriate advise and appropriate assistance to the Dean in the general management and academic administration of the School.

b. To undertake reasonable academic tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the management of City University College.

c. Participate in the staff activities

d. Perform any other duties as assigned from time to time by the management.

Salary, housing, air fares incentives, and etc are provided, and negotiable for Deputy Dean's position. This position is open for expatriates from the US/Canada/UK/Europe/Australia/New Zealand, etc.

B. Head of Department

No. Faculty/Program Vacancies Status

1 Nursing 1 Additional

2 Education/ECE 1 Replacement

C. Lecturing Positions for Expatriates:

1. English Language

2. Business, and Accounting

3. Hospitality, and Culinary

4. Engineering

5. Architecture

6. Multimedia, and Graphic

7. Information Technology

8. Health Sciences


To be an effective academic and to work closely with administrative colleagues to facilitate learning and the development of knowledge through teaching, supervision, student advisory and providing services to the university and community.


1) Teach a maximum of 24 hours a week

2) Key in accurately marks/ grades in the CMS and strictly adhere to the deadline given with regard to


a. All assignments/ project paper/ industrial training

b. Mid–term exam

c. Final exam

3) Setting question papers and strictly adhering to the deadline.

4) Invigilation duties:

a. Attend all briefings scheduled

b. Be present during examinations scheduled.

5) Students performance

a. Ensuring that students, who have scored a CGPA 2.0/ 2.5 in the subject taught, are given tutorial to improve in their studies.

b. Commit to conduct classes effectively to ensure that students understand well the subject taught in order to achieve maximum passing rate.

6) Course file:

a. Efficiently maintaining course file for each subject taught.

b. Strictly following checklist with regard to notes, assignments and question papers.

7) Usage of textbooks- to ensure that textbooks and library books comply with MQA requirements.

8) Mentor mentee - Having regular sessions with:

a. Senior lecturer

b. Students (as per specified ratio)

9) Attendance

i) Lecturer

a. Students’ attendance are keyed into CMS within 24 hours.

b. To ensure that all classes are conducted as scheduled and cancellation of classes kept to the minimum.

c. To ensure that all lecturers are punctual to class.

ii) Students

Maintaining accurate records with regard to:

a. Students attendance.

b. Immediately report students who skip classes so that the necessary follow up action i.e. warning will be issued.

c. Permitting only registered students attend class. Students not registered to be referred to the Registry.

d. Ensuring that all students during lectures are using the ID tag.

10) Meeting deadlines and fulfills specific tasks assigned with regards to academic calendar and any other directives.

11) Student Retention

Commit to ensure student enrolment for each program is maintained and students effectively motivated, and guided to avoid dropping out of program.

The Head of Departments, and lecturing positions are open for expatriates from the US/Canada/UK/Europe/Australia/New Zealand, etc.

Any candidates from the US/Canada/UK/Europe/Australia/New Zealand, etc, who are working in Malaysia as preferable, or currently at overseas will be considered.

The salary for lecturers will be around Malaysian Ringgit 5K to 10K. Air fares incentives, and etc will be negotiable.

D. Vacancies for Malaysian Chinese only:


No. Position Vacancies Status

1 Deputy Director 1 Replacement



2 Senior Executive 1 Additional


(Post Graduate)

Please email the latest resume in Word Format to

There are six particulars as below, which needed to be in the Word Format resume:

1. Photo.

2. Age.

3. Current salary.

4. Expected salary.

5. Termination of notice (notice period before leaving).

6. Reason of leaving the previous job.

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