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Teach in Jeju city, Jeju Island

JE consulting
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Teach in Jeju city, Jeju Island

Why Choose Jeju Island?

With its subtropical climate, picturesque beaches and mountainous terrain, Jeju provides a healthy alternative to the pollution of Korea's congested mainland cities. For those wanting a more active lifestyle, Jeju offers golf, tennis, scuba diving, windsurfing, biking, beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, surfing, rock climbing, or hiking up Halla San, Korea's highest mountain. New arrivals are always welcomed warmly by Jeju's friendly locals and close-knit foreigner community. If you are seeking a balanced adventure teaching English in Korea and love the outdoors, Jeju is the place for you.

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Nice afternoon school near city hall in Jeju city "Korean Hawaii" : Couple or 2 Friends to share Apartment for family house

We have worked for this school around for 7 years and You will see how much director and Area is nice talking to school. The Location of school is near City hall that is most popular down town for Young people and foreigners and surroundings are very clean and nice new Residential place. also, It is close from Jeju Main Harbor and Samyang black sand beach ( takes 5~10min by car).

If couple or 2 friends want to work in Jeju , This must be very precious chance to work.

There is a native teacher working for around 10 years that means it is good place to work at if teachers are good at teaching and good at handling students well. Most of teachers in Jeju came here to enjoy nature and city life at the same time ..Especially, Very nice Nature life with Mountains and Oceans etc...( You can get to ocean and Mountains very easily :) )

And Hope you to know This couple position is very rare and precious to find in Jeju.

Here is work condition you can refer (All is standard conditions)

1. Location: Jeju city , Jeju Island

2. Start date: March 2nd, 2015

3. Number of foreign: 3

4. Teaching targets: Elementary~ some Middle

5. Class size: 6-12 students in each class

6. Teaching hours: officially, 2:10pm ~9pm ( need to come to school by 1:10pm for preparation classes ) 80min classes and 10min break between classes and there will be 30min break time to take a rest between 6:30~7pm. and then, There are classes at 7~9pm .

7. Monthly salary: 2.0~2.2 million KRW

8. Round trip airfare

9. Housing: Fully furnished Apartment for couple Family (very rare situation for teacher's house)

10. Other benefits: 50/50 Health insurance, National pension, completion bonus (equivalent to one month's salary)

11. Vacation: 10days and all National holidays




Email resume, photo to

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P ilsun Jung( Director)


Skype ID : jps4591

J.E. Consulting(Website:

Tel: 82-064-900-4591 ( In Korea)

Cell: 82-010-4579-4591 (In Korea)

Fax: 0303-3442-4591

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