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Teachers Needed in Somalia, Africa

Abaarso School of Science and Technology
Job Description

Teachers Needed in Somalia, Africa

Abaarso School is a non profit boarding high school educating the best and the brightest Somali students in the Horn of Africa. The school prepares students to excel in higher education, while also focusing on extracurricular activities and community service. The school encourages morality and a strong sense of responsibility for improving the students' community. While only entering its sixth year, Abaarso School has achieved success not seen in the area for several decades. After two graduating classes, Abaarso has placed 47 Somali students on international scholarships including 30 in the United States. Abaarso School graduates have been admitted to schools like MIT, Georgetown, Amherst, Carnegie Mellon, and many more.

Abaarso School is looking for individuals interested in dedicating at least one year to training these top high school students. Teachers will join the school culture that puts the growth of the school and the students first, while finding a way around the challenges inherent in working in the developing world. Between the classroom, preparation, student groups, office hours, and other projects, teachers should expect 50-70 hours of work each week. With successful performance, significant upward mobility is possible for staff members.

The following qualifications and experiences are highly desired: - prior teaching experience, altrustic work/volunteer experience, experiencing working with children, prior work or study experience in developing countries. Abaarso School is looking for Teaching Fellows in various disciplines including computer science (computer literacy, networking, some programming), math (up to Calculus), and English.


Round-trip Airfare, Emergency Health/Evacuation Insurance, Room & Board (no food expenses), $250/month stipend

To apply, please submit an application through our website:

Abaarso School Teaching Fellowships are determined through a rolling application process open from Jan 2015 to Aug 2015.

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