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ESL Instructors: Girardot, Cundinamarca

Colegio Liceo Moderno
Job Description

ESL Instructors: Girardot, Cundinamarca

Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia: Located 2 hours by car from Bogota, DC. Medium size city of around 200k people. Safe, fun, and touristic city due to its climate.

Colegio Liceo Moderno: The Liceo Moderno School is in need of two motivated professionals, ESL instructor with excellent work ethics and pride on his/her work. Teacher will be responsible for teachining English as a second language to middle and high school students with deficiency in proper English language.

CLM: Offers a 1 year contract starting the second week of February when the school start its school year ending the third week of November. With 3 weeks summer break starting in June. Break period in which the instructor may be able to travel back home or travel within the beautiful tourist areas that Colombia offers.

Teacher is responsible for teaching ESL material to the high school students while students assisting to their regular high school academic curriculum. Teacher must provide its own teaching material to complement the national academic curriculum per grade. Any ESL material that would help introduce the knowledge of a new language.

- Teacher must teach around 30 hours no more than 32 hours weekly, mostly in the morning allowing the afternoons and evening for social or Spanish studies.

- Weekday’s teaching only, allowing short trips to different locations of Colombia.

- Teacher must make part of the marketing campaigns by assisting to recruiting events, be in promotional pics or videos, and/or ceremonies involved with the school

- The teacher must take pride and sense of ownership for the school and its community

Teaching position package includes a housing, salary, food allowance from the school eatery store, and disbursement of airfare ticket after completion of contract with the opportunity to continuing the following year.

The teacher salary after all the benefits is the 1,250,000.oo exchange in dollars is $650.oo that is equivalent to 2 minimum salaries in Colombia plus the rest of benefits. Pics of housing, school eatery store, and the school class rooms available upon request.


- ELS Teaching certificate from a recognized ESL Institution.

- Non quitter, Teachers that agrees to teach, they must finish the school year

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