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Wonderful Job Position in Jamsil, Seoul with Great Hours & Friendly Staff!

Chungdahm April Jamsil
Job Description

Wonderful Job Position in Jamsil, Seoul with Great Hours & Friendly Staff!

1) Reimbursement of one-way airfare coming into Korea up to a maximum of 1,000,000KRW (about $900) or 500,000 relocation allowance if already in Korea.

2) Upon completion of full year contract, return one way airfare up to a maximum of 1,000,000KRW (about $900);

3) Monthly salary in the amount of 2,200,000KRW from which payroll taxes will be deducted (approx 10% payroll tax);

4) Upon completion of full year contract, one month severance pay in the amount of 2,200,000KRW;

5) 50% health Insurance & 50% pension;

6) single room housing within walking distance to school or housing allowance of 500,000KRW per month. Teacher pays utilities and maintenance (approx. 40,000KRW per month)

7) 200,000KRW bonus each for Summer Camp and Winter Camp (total 400,000KRW during the year);

8) Teaching hours limited to 120 or less hours per month. Typical schedule is Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 2:30-7:30 & Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-8:30 so actual teaching hours would be 25 hours per week maximum (so actually closer to 100-105 hours per month depending on the month).

9) Two weeks vacation broken up into 1 week during summer and 1 week during winter on pre-designated dates.

10) National Holidays Off (on extremely rare occasions we will have class on a holiday but usually take off another day to make up for it)

11) All books, course materials, and tests will be provided by the school.

12) Helpful and Friendly Staff with fluent English-speaking Owner and Head Teacher. We can give you contact info of current E2 Visa teachers to inquire about working conditions.

13) Salary paid promptly on the 5th of every month.

14) Convenient location near Line #2 Shinchon Station or Jamsil Station in Jamsil. 5-minute walking distance to Lotte World Amusement Park.

15) Part-time positions also available for F4 visa holders

Teachers currently residing in Korea with teaching experience and/or with prior Chungdahm experience preferred. All documents including Apostiled Diploma and FBI check must be ready or in process.

Please send photo and resume to Edward Lee at

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