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English Instructors Needed - Icheon (NOT Incheon). Gyeongki Province, Korea

Korea Defense Language Institute
Job Description

English Instructors Needed - Icheon (NOT Incheon). Gyeongki Province, Korea

Korea Defense Language Institute (KDLI) Seeks English Instructors

Korea Defense Language Institute is a language education and research division within the Joint Forces Military University, the intellectual center of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. KDLI strives to enable the Korean military to adapt to the changing global environment via communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking. Our motto is "Beyond Understanding, Towards Cooperation."

The KDLI faculty is made up of professionals from around the world. They engage students in language immersion and devote themselves to developing effective teaching methods. The institute teaches career military personnel, both commissioned and non-commissioned officers, various foreign languages including: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, and Arabic. KDLI is also committed to teaching the Korean language to foreign servicemen from approximately twenty countries at a time.

The English Department consists of courses spanning two to six months. Our classes are designed to help ROK Armed Forces work with their counterparts during joint or combined operations. Additionally, we prepare military personnel for missions such as training abroad and overseas dispatch. Since the students are highly motivated and of excellent caliber, we seek committed, well-mannered candidates capable of providing a top-notch English education.


1. Applicants of non-Korean nationality must have a bachelor¡¯s degree from a four-year university in an English-speaking country; or a bachelor's degree in the English Language from a country where English is the official second language.

2. Applicants of Korean nationality must have a master's degree or higher and at least five years of residence experience in a country where English is the mother tongue.

Preference is given to applicants with:

1. a certificate in English language teaching such as TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA,

2. a master's degree or higher in the relevant field (for Korean applicants, a doctorate degree in the English language)

3. more than three years of teaching experience,

4. experience in the military or military-related institutions, and

5. records of published articles related to English and/or teaching in academic journals.


1. Instructors are paid 35,000 won per teaching hour. If an instructor is selected as an outstanding instructor or the most outstanding instructor, a higher pay rate is applied.

2. A rent-free 3-bedroom unfurnished apartment in Lotte Castle, located conveniently near a subway station (´Ü´ë¿À°Å¸®¿ ª on line 8), is provided.

3. A free shuttle is provided to/from KDLI (approximately one hour each way). This shuttle runs six times per day to match the teaching schedule.

4. In their first year, instructors may take six days of paid leave. From the second year and on, the number of paid leave days gets adjusted according to their class hours the previous year.

5. Additional pay is given to instructors for running evening extracurricular classes and performing extra tasks such as writing a book and participating in workshops.

6. If there are no classes, instructors do not have to come to work.

7. National pension and national health insurance.

8. Free access to a fitness center and sauna in the school.

How To Apply:

1. To apply, please fill out the application form at this link: aIVMHuScKlHO2k/viewform?usp=send_form

2. AND email your passport photograph and at least one signed letter of recommendation with contact information to

Please title your subject line in the following format: [Last name] Phone Number. For example, if you are John Doe, and your phone number is (010)9876-5432, your e-mail subject line should read:

[Doe] (010)9876-5432.

* You will be asked to bring your Alien Registration Card (ARC) for interview. You must also have the required paperwork (criminal background check, health check) prepared on hire.


1. Notify candidates selected for interview: Monday, August 11

2. On-site interview (mandatory): Tuesday, August 12

3. Result announcement: Friday, August 15

4. On-the-job training start dates:¡¡Monday, August 18

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at:

Lt. Kyung Jae Lee

Korea Defense Language Institute

Joint Forces Military University

(031) 640-7741

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