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Currently seeking 2 full-time kindergarten and elementary English teachers

Spreading Seed School
Job Description

Currently seeking 2 full-time kindergarten and elementary English teachers

Dear teacher,

We are curretly seeking 2 full-tim kindergaten and elementary English teachers. The salary is commensurate with experience & qualifications. It is NTD $ 63000+ per month (about USD &2000/mo.) The contract period is from October 19th, 2015 to July 31st, 2016. The employee will be able to earn an end-of-contract bonus( NTD$ 20,000) and also a renewal contract bonus ( NTD & 10,000).

We can help organize housing,and if the employee wants to rent a place by themself, the rent feeis very little ( one bedroom place is about USD $200). We provide teachers free lunch at school and also a part of health insurance. We also offer a paid winter vacation for 2 week. If the employee renews the contract in July, the employee has a paid summer vacation for 2 weeks.

Our kindergarten classes have about 24 kids and one of two Chinese teacers to assist English teachr.Basically we workas a team so we expect everyone here to be able to work collaboratively.


1. Native English speakers ( Canadian & American is s plus)

2. English teaching experience preferred.

3. Easy-going personality

4. Hard-working/ Cooperative attitude.

Required Applicatin Docuents

1. A copy of universiy diploma

2. A copy of graduate transcripts

3. Proof of previous employment teaching English ( if available)

4. Copies of certificates related to English teaching ( if avaiable)

Conact: Daphne

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