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[Gangnam, Seoul] Hiring Online VOD Teachers [SAT/AP/IB/ACT/TOEFL]

gloii Korea ESL
Job Description

[Gangnam, Seoul] Hiring Online VOD Teachers [SAT/AP/IB/ACT/TOEFL]

We are looking for the Online VOD lecture teachers with exceptional experience & knowledge.

Teachers will film VOD (Video on Demand) lectures with choice of any one subject or multiple subjects among SAT/AP/IB/ACT/TOEFL subject categories.

Each teacher will conduct the 30 ~ 60 lectures per subject and one lecture will be programmed to be about 30 minutes to one hour.

The school provides highly professional SAT/AP/IB/ACT/TOEFL test prep service for the students who're advancing to U.S. universities and is located in Daechi, Gangnam, Seoul with 11 years of renowned educational service history.

If you're interested in, APPLY NOW via


1. Qualification: any teachers who are confident in teaching any one subject or multiple subjects among SAT/AP/IB/ACT/TOEFL or who might be

- Any teachers with related teaching experience

- Current teachers in Middle and High School with relevant curriculum

- Preferred who has own style and creativity in lecturing

- US/Canada Top ranking schools' graduates welcomed

2. Number of Teacher Required: 20

3. Shooting Period: from teacher's earliest convenience

4. Shooting Location: School studio in Daechi, Gangnam, Seoul

5. Shooting Quantity: Each teacher will conduct the 30 ~ 60 lectures per subject. One lecture should be taken 30 minutes long mostly and up to one hour. A teacher will be asked to specify what subjects he/she can teach during the process of submitting the application.

6. Shooting Curriculum/Script: A teacher can use his/her own curriculum/script that's customized to the length of the 30 ~ 60 chapters of lectures per subject. But if he/she doesn't have any, basic teaching materials can be detained from the school and should be customized by a teacher.

7. Compensation:

- Can choose between two compensation options

​1. Revenue Share Model out of online class sales: 50%/50% or

​2​. Advance Payment + Revenue Share Model: 80,000KRW per edited hour + 30% R/S

- To be paid additional incentive whenever a teacher posts a reply in Q/A board which is tied to teacher's VOD lectures

- Guaranteed to publish teacher's workbook and to be paid additional incentive per sale


- SAT: All areas and Reading, Grammar

- AP: All areas and Economics

- IB DP: All areas and Math, Chemistry, Bio, Economics

- ACT: All Areas

- TOEFL: All Areas


Anyone who's interested in this opportunity, please make DIRECT application by visiting

If you need to have any question and help regarding the application, please let us know by sending email to for prompt assistance.

Step 0: Your application via

Step 1: We will contact you shortly and a test lecture schedule will be set up.

Step 2: The test lecture will be conducted with one or two choices of subjects.

Step 3: Sign the contract

Step 4: Shooting schedule & subjects will be arranged

Step 5: Actual shooting will be conducted.


Anyone who's interested in this opportunity, please make DIRECT application through our 'APPLY NOW' page at

A representative will assist you shortly to initiate the placement process.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please let us know by sending email to for prompt assistance.

D. About gloii Korea ESL

gloii is a professional recruiting and English teacher placement agency operating in New York, London, Sydney and Seoul Korea. We're providing comprehensive, knowledgeable and professional guidance to prospective

ESL teachers who have the sincere desire to come to South Korea to teach English while at the same time learning about the richness and uniqueness of Korean culture and everyday life.

gloii has the recruiting network throughout Korea directly representing a great number of Public and Private schools and able to get you the most established and reputable employers saving your valuable time and energy. Our services are being offered free of charge for teachers.

E. Contact Channels

gloii Korea ESL Job Bridge -

Skype gloiirs | KakaoTalk gloiiesl | US +1 708-320-9630 | Korea +82 10-9182-4621

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