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ESL Teacher Candidate – Arar, Saudi Arabia

American Academy
Job Description

ESL Teacher Candidate – Arar, Saudi Arabia

6 Month Contract in Saudi Arabia with Free Airfare, Free 1 Bedroom Apartment, Free Use of Company Car

Excellent Employment Package for Professional ESL Instructors - Immediate Start

*** Native Speakers Please ***

American Academy is pleased to announce that we have several positions immediately available for our Arar, Saudi Arabia posting. This is an extraordinary opportunity to join a team of dedicated professional educators who are delivering specialized ESL training to young Saudi men in preparation for their employment in a world renowned international mining corporation. American Academy has two onsite managers, one from Canada and the other from America, so you will be joining a team led by highly qualified and experienced native speakers who manage the project within the framework of western cultural values based on cross-level management, respect for all team members, and an ideological philosophy of teachers being a valued and important. We are unlike almost all other ESL teaching institutes within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as we sincerely understand that our biggest asset is our team of dedicated professional teachers. We are ESL educators ourselves having spent years in the field so we appreciate the challenges instructors endure and we respond with our full support on all issues from on-the-job professional needs to the personal needs of our team members to ensure they are well taken care of. Below are the details for our current Arar, SA posting.

What Can We Do For You

Monthly Salary: $3,200 USD per month clear take home pay with no deductions whatsoever. You can realistically save $2,000-2,500 ++ per month here. Salary is issued on the 2nd day of each month of the Gregorian calendar and is done as a direct deposit into your bank account. You may also request alternative methods of payment and AA will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Free Return Airfare: Provided to and from your point of origin. An e-ticket will be issued to bring you to Saudi Arabia upon completion of your visa.

Business Class Visa: AA covers all visa expenses, including agency fees, up front so you spend $0.00.

Accommodations: 100% Free fully furnished comfortable 1 bedroom apartment with satellite TV, Internet, hot and cold running water, Flat Screen TV, Fridge, microwave, countertop cooker or stove, kitchen sundries, etc. with twice weekly cleaning service provided by onsite crew. You do not share your apartment, it is yours alone.

Daily Transportation: 100% Free daily transportation on corporate air conditioned bus from official residence apartment building to campus.

Access to Company Cars: 100% Free access to American Academy instructor cars (2 vehicles) is available 24/7. Please bring an International Driver’s License.

Medical Insurance: 100% Free comprehensive medical insurance package to ensure that you will be taken care of in the event of mishap or medical needs.

Breakfast & Lunch: 100% Free breakfast and lunch meals provided to all instructors.

Contract Date: Immediate until June 30, 2016 with option for contract extension and opportunities to take on Project Manager positions for qualified candidates.

Contract Status: Single Male, we apologize but we cannot sponsor spouses and dependents for this particular contract. Thank you for your kind understanding.

What We Need You to Do for Our Team

Pedagogical Knowledge: You must have strong foundation knowledge of pedagogical “Best Practices” and current teaching methodologies. All classes are delivered using Inquiry-based Learning, Problem solving-based Learning, Collaborative Learning, Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom, and Formative Assessment strategies. “Best Practice” knowledge of Formative and Summative Assessment is critical as well.

Technology Skills: An understanding of Smartboards and the integration of Blended Learning and Web 2.0 tools is necessary as these are core elements of the lesson deliveries.

Computer Skills: Must be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Publisher).

Teaching Materials Development Skills: Based on your talent, skills and personal preferences, instructors are assigned to Scrum teams to produce PowerPoints, games, activities, Web 2.0 content, etc.

Contact Periods: Teach 20-25 contact periods (45 minutes each) per week.

Work Hours: 07:45 – 15:45 Sunday – Thursday. Please note, occasionally we may go overtime in a meeting, but we do our best to respect the workday schedule.

Dress Code: Shirt & Tie Casual Business Attire

Weekly Meetings: Attend, contribute and participate in short issue-targeted weekly meetings held every Sunday and Wednesday.

Professional Development: All instructors receive a 100% Free one year membership in Cambridge University’s “Cambridge English Teacher” (CET) professional development website. We also provide ongoing PD with our team of AA Teacher Trainers.

Personality: Be positive and flexible to work within the framework of an ongoing project that is under development. Changes are regular and adjustments require your cooperation, support, and even your own contributions to the project should you have solutions to offer or ideas to suggest.

Professional Characteristics: Have the willingness to commit to the project, offer constructive feedback and support, maintain professional punctuality, and conduct yourself as a respected member of the team.

Employment Requirements You Need to Have

Education: B.Ed. in TESOL or EFL, ESL Post-Baccalaureate, or Masters degree in ESL. All other legitimate verifiable undergraduate degrees are acceptable, but must be accompanied by a CELTA or ESL teaching certification, such as TEFL, of not less than 120 hours.

ESL Teaching Experience: At least 5 years of professional ESL teaching experience unless you have just graduated from an ESL training and certification program such as a B.Ed. in TESOL or EFL, ESL Post-Baccalaureate, or Masters degree in ESL teaching.

Native Speaker Requirement: Due to contractual obligations, we are only permitted to hire native speakers for these teaching positions. My sincere apologies to all of you very talented and dedicated non-native speaker teachers who wish to apply. Please note, we are working on this issue with all clients and we hope to improve on this issue and bring about changes that will open the doors for the rich pool of talent available from our non-native speaking colleagues.

How to Apply

Email Applications: Please send your resume/cv, headshot photo, and scan of your passport data page to Mr David J Burke at Please CC: Mr Fakhri Mahmoud at

SUBJECT LINE: ESL Teacher Candidate – Arar, Saudi Arabia (Email Subject Lines without this title may be deleted or may end up in my spam folder, so please be sure to copy paste the above into the Subject Line of your email to ensure we get your application. Thanks so much.

Please note: Incomplete applications cannot be processed through our HR department. Therefore it is critical that you submit your documentation correctly. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Resume/CV: Please attach to your email your full resume in pdf file format clearly laid out with the pertinent information; educational attainments, employment history, reference referees. Please do not include such details as hobbies and employment history that is not relevant to ESL teaching. Include contact information (email & phone number) for at least two reference/referees we can contact. Thank you.

Headshot Photo: Please attach a clear colour passport style headshot photo of yourself in jpg format. Do not wear hats, sunglasses, etc. Please present yourself professionally with a shirt and tie as we may present your resume to our team of managers. Please note: Please resize your jpg file to a size no larger than 150 kbs.

Passport Data Page Scan: Please scan the data page of your passport containing your full name, birth date, issuance date and expiry date of your passport, etc. Send the saved scan in jpg format as an attachment file to your email application. Please note: Please resize your jpg file to a size no larger than 150 kbs.

Final Message

As American Academy is well known for our care and commitment to our team of dedicated professional educators, we often receive a very high volume of applicants for positions we have on offer. Therefore, we can only reply to candidates who are shortlisted. Thank you for your kind interest in joining our team.

Mr David J Burke American Academy Academic Program Project Manager

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