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Academic Manager Position in Vietnam

I Can Read Vietnam
Job Description

Academic Manager Position in Vietnam

I Can Read Vietnam is seeking a new Academic Manager

I Can Read is a literacy-based English teaching organisation active in 9 countries worldwide, and is currently growing rapidly in Vietnam. Our unique, specially-developed system helps students develop the literacy skills necessary to achieve excellence in all four skills areas. Teachers receive huge satisfaction from seeing the rapid improvement in their students' abilities, and enjoy using a system that is scientifically proven to work. We recommend visiting our website to learn more about our special system.

As Academic Manager, you would have a wide spectrum of responsibilities, as listed in the Job Description below. As a growing company, there is a large amount of responsibility and job satisfaction in seeing the growth of the company and we expect I Can Read to continue its prodigious growth in Vietnam. You can be a part of that growth.

A generous salary and benefits package is provided, and will be communicated to shortlisted candidates. The position is available immediately, and our desired stat date is 23rd February 2016.

Requirements Academic Manager’s Role:

Minimum Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree

• CELTA Qualified or equivalent


• 5 years’ experience in the ESL industry, teaching students of all levels and ages, using a variety of different approaches and pedagogies.

• 2+ years’ experience as an academic manager, encompassing both the academic and operational side of running an ESL business


• Has excellent organizational skills

• Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Is analytical with good problem-solving skills

• Has the ability to work independently, to think critically and strategically

• Shows leadership and deep sense of responsibility for both the development of the business, and the effectiveness of the education we provide

• Proactive and takes initiative to resolve issues and/or highlight challenges

• Exposure to multifunctional activities within the management sphere such as Recruitment, Training, Operational Protocol Development and Teacher Development

• Able to operate with a high level of integrity and professionalism

• Ability to quickly develop an depth understanding of the I Can Read system and methodology, twined with a deep understanding of numerous other TEFL pedagogical approaches

I. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensure that I Can Read Vietnam delivers the ICR program effectively and to consistently high level, thus maximizing growth and retention.

1. Curriculum Management and Development

a. To ensure that all teachers fully understand and are able to correctly implement the I Can Read Curriculum, through initial and continuing training, and through periodic observations and feedback.

b. Developing ad hoc curricula and materials to supplement the existing ICR materials to maximize their effectiveness in an ESL context.

c. Development of curricula and materials for the eventual replacement of the existing ESL component of ICR; assessing the effectiveness of various aspects of the existing curriculum toward this end.

d. Development of special Summer Course Curricula, and other materials for special holidays.

2. Student Acquisition and Retention

a. Acquisition:

i. Developing the assessment materials to better reflect the ESL market in Vietnam.

ii. Creation of assessment guidelines to ensure that all assessments are standardized in terms of delivery and placement.

iii. Delivering initial and continual training in the delivery of assessment to teachers.

iv. Observing teachers’ delivery of assessments and providing feedback to ensure high quality of both placement and persuasion of parents.

v. Personally delivering assessments.

vi. Assisting in the organization and delivery of promotional events to raise awareness of the ICR brand in local geographies.

b. Retention

i. Striving to maximize teaching quality through observations, feedback and continual professional development training.

ii. Communication:

• Developing the Parent Communication Policy and Calendar to ensure that communication between parents and teachers is frequent and systematized.

• Encouraging teachers to regularly speak to parents on an ad hoc basis, both to build strong relationships, and to ensure parents are fully informed about their child’s progress.

• Developing systems for measurement of parent satisfaction, and for identifying parents who are at risk of withdrawal.

• Development of a parent handbook to help parents understand the theory and practice of the I Can Read System

iii. Reacting to parent concerns, and, where possible, meeting directly with parents to allay those fears, or making changes to reflect pertinent points they may bring up.

iv. Holding regular team meetings to discuss improvements that can be made in terms of teaching, communication, operation or curriculum.

v. Assisting in the organization and delivery of promotional events to raise customer satisfaction and student enjoyment.

3. Training

a. Prepare and deliver initial training in the I Can read program to ensure that teachers understand how to implement the system effectively, both for specific levels and as a holistic system. Furthermore, the teachers must understand how to make the system work in an ESL context, while also providing a fun and functional learning environment.

b. To provide Continual Professional Development Training Sessions for teachers periodically, to achieve the continued improvement of their general teaching skills and their overall understanding of ICR pedagogy.

c. To provide training to CS and TA staff instruct them in the overall aims of the ICR system, and the specific aims at each level. This training will also instruct TAs in the ways they can best assist teachers both inside and outside the classroom.

4. Performance Measurement

a. Create and implement performance appraisal initiatives that will

i. Increase employees’ accountability of their on-the-job performance

ii. Create and utilise objective tools for measuring employees’ performance and success

iii. Provide a direct line of sight for employees to the strategic goals of the organization

iv. Improve success rates for reaching overall organizational goal


1. Operations

a. Development of operational processes, systems and materials where non-exist.

b. Provide assistance and guidance to ICR centres in creation and optimization of teaching schedules

2. Special Events and Projects

a. Part of the team for special events, road shows, exhibitions seminars for brand promotion from time to time

b. Organise specialised courses and events for holidays and other celebrations.

c. Ad-hoc special project requirements for Singapore and the Region as directed by Management

3. Marketing

a. Copywriting for promotional materials, brochures and articles.

b. Assisting in organising and delivering special promotional events, both within ICR centres and in other locations

c. Developing marketing strategies, together with the management team.

d. Conceptualisation, design and selection of merchandise for sale and distribution in and by ICR Vietnam

4. Teaching

b. Fulfilling personal scheduled teaching hours.

c. Taking classes to cover for teachers absent through holiday or illness.

5. Communication

a. Maximising communication between:

1. Management and teachers

2. Teachers and CS/TA staff

3. Teachers and Parents

If you believe you meet requirements for this role, please send your CV, a relevant cover letter and 2 recent photographs to, and we will contact you if you are shortlisted for interview.

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