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Paid Sabbatical - Seeking ESL Teachers (or Students) to go to Colombia - All Inclusive

KS Escuela de Ingles
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Paid Sabbatical - Seeking ESL Teachers (or Students) to go to Colombia - All Inclusive

I am representing an NGO from Colombia who is going to facilitate the English immersion for the students of high school (public Schools) in a small town in Colombia.

Here a Q & A format for better understanding:

Are you looking for students, graduates or anyone can go?
In the quest for the people (about 10) who will go there for 5 months, we are aiming first to students or graduates who have knowledge on teaching English as a second language.

Is this a project run by the municipality in Columbia and if so, what are their goals?
Yes, the project is run by the city, the goal is get the students to have the experience of being taught by a native person, and in doing so, have a cultural interchange. They want to promote English as something paramount in their careers and life and the best way is taking them to that world. Being difficult to bring 550 students to Canada, they can better take the teachers over and facilitate the "blend."

from July to the end of November 2016.

Monday to Friday in a fun classroom environment, in outdoor activities, and cultural activities. I would say, somewhere from 6 to 8 hours/day.

What they provide?
All inclusive: Plane tickets, accommodation (well-suited for that weather: A/C, cleaner, washer/dryer, etc), food (or money to buy/cook by themselves), life insurance, health insurance, a bicycle for they to commute (the max distance is about 1.5 Km round trip, others are just blocks away), and a monthly stipend for their everyday needs, in CAD it's about $700. I tend to use this analogy so that you have an idea on the money equivalence: one beer (good quality) = two dollars.

As an unintended consequence:
Well, you are going to be the only ten people in the 30,000 population city who speak English, so you will learn Spanish (the real one) "by need." BTW, not really necessary, but having some Spanish knowledge will help.There is also a lot of adventure as outdoor is what everybody prefers down there (it's a hot weather), weekends and evenings are full of activities to pick from, and yes you are going to be invited to just about everything. Get the binoculars ready, they have the most awesome landscapes and also the most abundant bird species in the world.

Also, you'll get valuable experience teaching in the public school system (not a private academy setting).

As a final note. We want people who commit to the program. However, as a warranty, if someone does not receive the treatment, the amenities, and the things I mentioned above, you can at any time "take off;" you will have the air ticket in your hands so you can use at any time. We say that with all confidence knowing that you will not want to withdraw, you will just love it!

I am located in Calgary, and am accepting applications. If you are interested please email me at

Thank you,
Jay Santos

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