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June/July2016 F4-E2-D10 visa applicants-Absoultely Fabulous 2-bedroom Apartment housing walking distance

YBM Education Head Office
Job Description

June/July2016 F4-E2-D10 visa applicants-Absoultely Fabulous 2-bedroom Apartment housing walking distance

June/July2016 F4-E2-D10 visa applicants-Absoultely Fabulous 2-bedroom Apartment housing walking distance-YBM Jeju International School Prep (Jeju ISP 2) See photos of our Large newly built housing (Must see to believe)
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YBM Jeju International School Prep (Jeju ISP2) located near our YBM Jeju International School in Seowigpo-si, Daejeong-eup Jeju-do. Seowigpo is home to Jeju International Convention Centre, Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex with many high end hotels/resorts but still a coastal beauty with incredible sheer cliffs, beautiful waterfalls and spectacular natural wonders offering the most competitive benefit package for instructors who want to work on Jeju Island offers the best of both with prime location on Jeju-do and still the unique island lifestyle well known to all who have lived or visited Jeju-do Korea’s most popular travel destination. To learn more about our YBM Jeju ISP program check out our website at

Company Profile:
YBM/SISA founded in 1961 generated more than 420 million dollars ($US) revenues last year combining our publishing division, education division and testing division. YBM publishes Newsweek Magazine, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest and is the official test administer for the TOEIC Exam as well as the Microsoft Office User Exam. YBM is the largest and most well-known education based corporation within Korea offering career opportunities with chance of advancement throughout various division.

Why choose YBM
1. Reliability: YBM is a multi-million dollars corporation guaranteeing contract reliability.
2. Full-Benefits: YBM complies with the medical insurance, pension, severance pay and a pre-paid air ticket
3. Established curriculum: Fully established curriculum developed within YBM R&D division
4. Direct applications: Receive specific information regarding employment before signing any contracts.
5. Super Fabulous Housing: Newly built Two Bedroom apartment within walking distance
Community Facility:
Apartment Pic:

Start Date: Between late June to July 4th 2016 first day of teaching
Student ages: Elementary ages
Class Sizes: Small classes sizes typically 4 to 7 students per class
Contact Duration: full time position with full benefits
Work Place: Jeju ISP 2 (International School Prep) Jeju-do island -Seowigpo , South Korea.
Salary: 2.3 to 2.5 million KRW per month + severance pay
Housing: Employee’s choice between walking distance two-bedroom housing or subsidy up to 450,000 KRW
Korean Pension and Health Insurance: Fully comply with this regulation
Benefits: Severance pay (extra one month’s salary at the end of the contract) + pre-paid air ticket
Work Schedule: 2:00 pm arrival for prep 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm teaching hours, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm during winter and summer months

Please apply if you meet these requirements
1. Native English Speaker with F4/E2/D10 visa status holding an ARC card in Korea
2. E2 visa sponsorship applicants with apostille criminal background check and apostille diploma photocopy
3. F4 visa applicants with apostille criminal check + diploma for registration with the education office

Qualifying applicants should submit their cover email, resume, photo and E2 visa documents that they have available. Applicants who already have an ARC card can email over the photocopies of the front/back ARC.

Danny J. Kim
HR Manager
YBM Head Office

Visit our YBM ISP website at

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