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Teaching Opportunities at Woosong University and Colleges in Daejeon, Korea, Starting Immediately

Woosong University
Job Description

Teaching Opportunities at Woosong University and Colleges in Daejeon, Korea, Starting Immediately

Woosong Educational Foundation is seeking experienced, qualified candidates who hold F-visas to fill immediately some positions as non-tenure track EFL professors. The Woosong Educational Foundation includes Woosong University, Woosong Information College and Woosong Language Institute, and SolBridge International School of Business.

Assistant Professor of English as a Foreign Language

Only candidates meeting these requirements will be contacted:
-F- visa (F2, F4, F5 or F6)
-English speaker from Australia, Canada, Ireland, N.Z, South Africa, U.K, or the USA
-Master's (2-year) degree (Education, English, or Linguistics preferred) and 2 years of verifiable English teaching experience acquired after the master’s degree
-PhD (Education, English, or Linguistics preferred)

Experience must be:
-Full time English teaching at a university, college or corporation (not from private academies)
-Primary or secondary level outside of Korea is acceptable with teaching licensure
-Accrued after the time spent pursuing a master’s degree
-Verifiable through letters from employers or certificates of employment

Non-tenure Track General English Language Professor (GEL)
-Teach a variety of credit and noncredit English as Foreign Language classes
-Maximum teaching 20 hours per week, 4 office hours and 2 hours every two weeks for professional development. Classes are taught from Monday to Friday during the morning, afternoon and evening although most classes are in the morning and afternoon.

-Bilingual (Korean and English) GEL Professors who can translate and interpret may have opportunities for administrative duties. Contract hours for administrative duties are 24 office hours per week minus teaching hours. Teaching hours are from 4 hours up to 16 hours a week.

-2,700,000 to 3,500,000 Won per month

- Airfare allowance (an additional 300,000 Won with your first pay check and 700,000 Won upon contract completion) for all first year teachers
-One month's additional salary is paid as a bonus upon the completion of a second year’s contract and every year contract thereafter.
1) For Single teachers –a housing stipend* of 400,000 Won per month.
2) For married teachers and teachers with families –a housing stipend* of 500,000 Won per month. In the case that two teachers are married to each other and working for Woosong as a couple two housing stipends* of 400,000 Won are offered to the couple.
*The housing stipend does not include key money and Woosong will not provide key money, advancements, or loans to its employees.
-Vacation – 6 weeks paid
-Medical / Dental: National Health Insurance plan approximately 3.5% of your salary per month
-Private Pension Fund approximately 8% of your salary per month
-Mentoring program for those new to Korea, or Woosong
-Free Korean language classes

- One year contract (Renewable with satisfactory performance)

-Woosong is one of the largest employers of foreign English teachers in Daejeon. We currently have over 130 foreign faculty working in our English program alone.
-The Woosong campus is centrally located between the bus terminal, train station and down town area (10 min by taxi, 30 min walk).
-The Woosong subway station is a 15 min walk from campus or a 5 min bus ride.
-Daejeon city is 1 hour from Seoul and 2 hours from Busan by KTX. (
-Daejeon is the 5th largest city in South Korea. It is a major urban city and the cost of living is cheaper than in Seoul or Busan.
-Woosong employees enjoy staff discounts at Woosong affiliated businesses such as restaurants, car care, gym memberships and indoor swimming pools.
-Our web site is at

First screening--Submit a cover letter, résumé, scan of passport information page and proof of experience to the Woosong Hiring Committee

Indicate in the subject line the following information:
Name, Highest Degree held, years of teaching experience
(E.G Smith, MA Linguistics, 5 years exp)

Applications will be reviewed and those which meet Woosong’s requirements will pass to the interview stage until all positions are filled. Due to the volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to everyone. We appreciate your understanding.

For those candidates who pass the screenings and interviews, the following items listed below will be needed^.
^ Failure to provide the relevant paperwork in a timely manner may be grounds to cease the application process.

Before applying for your visa:
-Apostille of highest degree (MA or PhD original sent directly to Woosong)
-2 Apostilles of criminal background checks from your county’s federal police (ex. FBI, RCMP, Scotland Yard etc.)
-Health check
-10 photographs (passport style) 3.5cm x 4.5 cm
-Copies of any certificates (e.g., teaching licenses, TESL certificates, etc.)
-Passport copy
-Scanned transcripts for all levels (BA, MA, and PhD)
-All proofs of employment with exact dates of employment with employer's signature on official letterhead (letters should also be dated)
-Korean criminal background check if currently living in Korea

After applying for your visa:
-All sealed original transcripts from college or university for all levels (BA, MA, and PhD)
-Health check* (when you arrive)
-Certificate of Residency for tax exemption from their country's tax agency (if you qualify for tax exemption, Woosong must have this within 3 months of your arrival in Korea)
*Woosong University requires a national level criminal background check, an original copy of diploma, and health report. The health report will require a medical examination done in Korea which involves testing for tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis and drug use (Tetrahydrocannabinol, opiates, etc.).

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Contact Information
Woosong Hiring Committee

Mailing Address:
Hiring Coordinator
Woosong University Language Institute
196-5 Jayang Dong, Dong Gu
Daejon, South Korea 34514

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