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Daegu, Korea : Welcome to SEI !!!! (F-4 visas)

S.E.I Language Institute
Job Description

Daegu, Korea : Welcome to SEI !!!! (F-4 visas)

Thank you for your interest regarding teaching position in SEI Language Institute.

* Upcoming opening : ASAP, SEI Seongseo Campus

(All documents prepared priority!!)

- Notarized (Apostillized) diploma (NOT original diploma)

- Apostillized criminal background check

* Location: Daegu (The third biggest city in Korea, 1 hour distance to the sea)

* Prefer : Granted F-4 visas (speak fluently both Korean and English)

* Job description

o Salary: 2.5 million won/month (negotiable according to the qualification)(New employees go through a probation period of 1month. You can get 600,000 won/month)

o Severance pay upon completion of the contract:(equivalent to 1 month salary)

o Working time

- Monday to Friday

- 1:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (including 1 hour preparation time)

- 50 minute/class + 10 minutes of break

- Absolutely no split shifts

o Student range: elementary to middle school (No kindergarten)

o Size of a class: Maximum 12 (Averagely 8 to 10)

o Curriculum: provided

o Benefits

- 4 days paid summer vacation + all Korean national holidays

- Medical insurance

- National pension

S.E.I began operations in 2003 with the goal of providing Korean students with a place to learn English and have fun. S.E.I now has three branches in Daegu with about 1,000 students and over 20 Korean Instructors. All the S.E.I branches operate under one-ownership instead of a franchise system to maintain the quality of schools. This has enabled us to grow and to become one of the most respected and successful English academies in Daegu today.

S.E.I. puts a great deal of emphasis on the curriculum. The editorial department constantly makes an effort to improve the curriculum that allows for growth and development for both the instructors and the students. S.E.I. teaches a range of students from elementary to middle school level, and covers fundamental learning areas and advanced levels; such as writing essays and presentation skills.

The curriculum is well organized and structured with plenty of support. Teachers are provided with teacher's guides, monthly curriculum sheets, as well as supplementary materials. The lesson plans are also provided to the teachers. This is to minimize the pressure on Native Teachers to construct their own lessons and curriculum. The teaching method is based on the Audio Lingua method, but has been restructured to adapt to the changing needs of today's children. Teachers have meetings and workshops on a regular basis during work hours to discuss better ways of teaching as well as encourage professional development.

¡Ø A letter of recommendation

My wife and I have been working at this institution for the past year and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The work is challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding. If not for previous arrangements that call me back to North America I would without a doubt be signing for another year, and it was quite a difficult decision to not simply cancel my previous arrangements and sign for another year anyway. This academy has a good pay scale, a strong support network for classes, and are a very stable and secure job. SEI is a strong academy with many teachers and over 600 students. If you work for SEI you will not have to worry about the academy suddenly going out of business in the middle of your contract. Even though the company is large, all the workers and administration right up to the CEO of the company are very friendly and personable and by working here you will get to know everyone personally.

The style of SEI's classes is different from many other hagwons as it follows a system based upon individualized instruction. The company has developed its own curriculum and an extensive set of textbooks for its students, meaning no lesson plans. Each student within a given class will be following his or her own section of the curriculum based upon their own aptitude, so this means that within one class could be a wide range of student levels each following a completely different book. What makes the job so rewarding is that each student taught according to the SEI curriculum will progress and improve in their English studies. Beyond providing teachers a curriculum, not much else is done by the administration in terms of controlling or monitoring classes. No CCTV in classrooms, no open classes, no inspections. A lot of trust is given to the teachers here, and hence the one-month training probationary period.

A final note I shall add is that the institution is specifically seeking F-4 applicants to fulfill the former roles of my wife and myself. In my classes I spoke in Korean to the majority of students and English to the academy's "Elite" class. The Elite class consists of the academy's top students who have progressed to the highest level of the curriculum and so are quite capable of participating in full-English speaking classes working with American textbooks on subjects such as art, history, science, and etc. The majority of classes however consist of students who are more comfortable connecting with teachers who speak to them in Korean, so bilingualism is a huge plus. There is a bit of leeway in terms of Korean proficiency however, when I first came to the academy my Korean was less than proficient but the administration was very patient and allowed me the time to improve in Korean over the year.

Needless to say, I endorse this hagwon and recommend it to anyone seeking a challenging and rewarding teaching experience in a company that allows for a lot of upward movement.


Grayson Lee

If you are friendly, positive, hardworking, love children, and professional, please contact us. We will be able to answer any questions you have.

Please send your resume/CV(Telephone number, address, e-mail address) with a picture.

* Contact

- Name: MIHEE JUNG (you can call me Rachel)

- E-mail:

- Phone : 82-53-571-2014

- Address : Daerim Building 3rd Fl, 65-3, Naedang 1-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, S.Korea

PS: For VISA application, please prepare the notarized(or apostillized) diploma(not the original diploma), photocopy of the front page of your passport, and the apostillized criminal record check.

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