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English Teaching Position in Chiayi County, Taiwan

Job Description

English Teaching Position in Chiayi County, Taiwan

Position: English Teacher

Start Time: September. Applicants will sign a one year contract with the possibility of extension.

Location: Putzi, Chiayi County, Taiwan. Chiayi is located between on the west coast in the south of Taiwan. For applicants that appreciate life outside of the city, the location may be a plus. For those that don’t, the location is still within driving distance of Chiayi city. Nearby attractions include a historic harbor, several night markets, a college for enrolling in a Chinese language program, malls, museums, large parks, and a bicycle rental.

School: It is a small English school. Class sizes are around 15 students. Average age range is 7-11 years old. Materials such as textbooks, whiteboard makers, etc are provided. Students are learning basic everyday English.

Experience: The employer values passion and positive attitude more than extensive experience or education. Employer also values responsible and ethical applicants who are good with kids. Minimum education requirements are a college bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree in any subject. Rare exceptions may be made for applicants who are exceptional in other areas.

Job Description: The teacher treats students as fellow English speakers by animating the textbook material through authentic activities. The teacher’s excitement and passion motivates the students and creates an atmosphere of curiosity and discovery. The teacher uses creativity and commitment to create the kind of interactive education we wish we had growing up. Class content follows textbooks, but teachers are encouraged to develop their own plans. Teaching books are available for those with less experience.

Hours and Pay: 500-550NTD per hour. Cost of a meal in Chiayi County: 50NTD. Cost of studio apartment rent in Chiayi County: 5500/month. Teachers become part of a family, and in addition to pay, past teachers have received help finding an apartment, repairing a motorcycle, finding adequate medical assistance, and even occasional gifts and meals. The school employs only one foreign teacher (teacher not from Taiwan) at a time, so there is no competition for hours. Hours will be 13 per week, with possibility of extending to 16. These hours will come in the afternoons and evenings Monday-Friday. Therefore, not only does the monthly pay cover living expenses, but the amount of weekly hours affords considerable leisure time, which past teachers have used to learn Chinese (not required), travel locally, or tutor English to earn extra money.

Atmosphere: The work atmosphere is family-like and unsuitable for applicants who like to keep work impersonal. Applicants searching for a positive, friendly, relaxing work environment will find it here.

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