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ESL Teacher at LTC - Language Training Center Astana KAZAKHSTAN

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Job Description

ESL Teacher at LTC - Language Training Center Astana KAZAKHSTAN

ESL Teacher in Kazakhstan

Language Training Center (LTC) are looking for EFL teachers for positions based in Astana, Kazakhstan. We were established in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2012 as an international language school.  We are looking for an inexperienced teacher we can bully into weekly increases in hours without compensation, and someone who is flexible enough to be told on a weekly basis that their scheduled days, hours, classes and work location will be changing.  Your accommodation may also change from day-to-day, and the local teachers you work with will be replaced weekly as they realize they will not receive a contract, nor a salary in many cases. 


Package Details:

Accommodation:  Housing is provided although is subject to sudden changes (sometimes a day before).  Every teacher lives alone so as to prevent friendships from forming as this is bad for our business.  We withhold $US500 of the initial month’s salary as bond on your apartment.  This will not be returned to you.

Salary:  $US 1.5k per month.  We offer an increase to $US 2k on the fourth month, although we generally terminate contracts without reason before this period begins.  Teachers for whom this occurs (so far about fifty per cent of our workforce) must forfeit their passports for roughly a week so that their visas can be cancelled.  Teachers are unable to travel during this time.  Passports will be returned to teachers on the day of their flight out of Astana, usually only a few hours beforehand, and usually after teachers have had to make contact with their embassy.

Holidays:  National holidays occur with relative frequency in Kazakhstan, and although it is written into your contract that you will have these days off, you will not.  You will work even if only one or two students show up for each class.

Paid ticket to Kazakhstan:  We reimburse teachers who fly to Astana, although if we decide to terminate your contract before the agreed time (as with fifty per cent of our workforce to date) we will deduct this amount from your last month’s salary).

Visas are the teacher’s responsibility.  At the time of writing, their worth is $US250. 

Apostille:  Your degree will need to be apostilled.  Upon acceptance of your application, we will provide you with a list of US-based apostille-forging organizations that, for the fee of $US100, will be able to supply fake documentation adequate to satisfy Kazakh authorities.


For more information regarding your application:

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